TW headed to CMMG’s headquarters in Fayette, Missouri to wring out their new Class III PDWs.

One of Napoleon Bonaparte’s most-quoted maxims of war goes, “God is on the side with the best artillery.” —Big and small!

This issue is packed to the hilt with small-arms weapons and training that can put the bad guys down for good.
Our lead feature tests CMMG’s full-auto 5.56 and 9mm PDWs, delivering controllable firepower in CQB.
Speaking of “close quarters,” troops and LEOs who need to clear a room—or even the entire floor of a building—and do it fast, will want to check out the awesome 14-shot Kel-Tec KSG bullpup 12-gauge. Another duty-shotgun feature focuses on the LA Sheriff’s Office’s power-packed 870 pump action.

Another way of clearing a room is presented in the “Flash-Bang Theory,” a detailed look at forced entry assaults using diversionary devices. This article is a must for those on call-out duty.

Going to longer-range firepower, we have CZ USA’s 550 Urban CS .308, short on size for squad car transport and call-out, but long on performance. It will counter sniper threats with authority. A sniper rifle is also featured in this issue—the Savage M10FCP .308 employed by the Philippine National Police. It is a deadly “guerilla hammer” at 1,000 yards.

In military firepower, the grenade has been a favorite weapon of infantry for a long time. Today, instead of just lobbing a grenade or two at the enemy, consider having a weapon alongside your SMG that will throw 350 grenade-type loads per minute out to 1.3 miles, delivering a blast radius l5m wide. We’re talking about the MK 19. You’ll read all about it in “Grenade Firestorm” on page 56.

Combat Handgun coverage in this issue delivers an illuminating look at handguns now available for civilian use that originated from military programs. Leroy Thompson examines SOCOM-Born .45’s that came from the drawing boards for military adoption.

Training features and profiles of elite law enforcement operations are always a staple of TW, and this issue is no exception. The article “Dynamic Warriors” takes you through Magpul Dynamics’ high-speed Carbine Course conducted by top tactical training operators. While the word “Hoosier” conjures up images of peaceful Indiana living, the law enforcement officers of the Noblesville area near Indianapolis intend to keep it that way with top weapons and training. We show how they are on the cutting edge of today’s LE operations. We also have a big feature on the U.S. ICE SRT.

The sacrifices and endurance of individual soldiers in combat come to us in great force in a moving article by Jay Langston on how battle-hardened GIs have turned their passion for weapons into careers building quality firearms, especially ARs. These are soldiers who not only made a difference in battle, with their sheer guts and fortitude, they’re making a difference in the peace as well. Enjoy the ride!

EDITOR’S NOTES: In our 3/11 cover story on the RSASS, we intentionally removed the AAC Quick Detach suppressor for space reasons. Note that the complete system does in fact come equipped with the AAC suppressor. In addition, within the article, we mistakenly showed the RSASS with a non-AAC suppressor. Sorry for the oversight. Same 3/11 issue, in the Beretta M9 feature, we mistakenly wrote that Army order was for 321,260. The actual total exceeds 600,000. In addition, early Italian-made M9s used mags made by a company called Meccanica del Sarca, not Mec-gar as written.

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TW headed to CMMG’s headquarters in Fayette, Missouri to wring out their new Class…