The spring loaded self resetting US popper is 28-inches tall and will sell for an introductory price of $200, which includes shipping anywhere in the continental United States. This target will normally go for $264.

A note from founder Mike Gibson:
My reluctance has been related to the weight that our competitors usually put on the bottom half of the target, that is required to reset it to the vertical position. The weight is also required to prevent the target from activating from the wind, while it is waiting to be shot. This additional weight is not a good thing, and has caused me a great deal of concern about the additional wear the target would show, which equates to a shorter life. The weight creates additional resistance that has to be overcome with the energy of the bullet. It creates more of the “object at rest” that “tends to stay at rest”. That means, the impact from a centerfire rifle bullet has the potential to create more of a mark (a crater) on the face of the weighted target, than it will on a target that weighs less, or does not have the added weight on it.

So, we beat the counterweight issue and the wind issue with two of the same light springs that we use on our Auto Poppers, which are 1/4 the size this target. This factor will significantly reduce the potential cratering of the target from centerfire rifle rounds.

Other plus factors of our design include fast assembly (5 seconds?), and an armor plated post. If the shooter engages the target while it is in the activated position it is possible that he’ll hit the telescoping base post. Not a problem on the MGM product because it is armored! Even with the armored post, it still weighs less than similar products on the market.

MGM Targets Auto Reset US Popper – .223

MGM Targets Auto Reset US Popper – .45 ACP

MGM Targets Auto Reset US Popper – 9mm

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The spring loaded self resetting US popper is 28-inches tall and will sell for…