Beretta’s ARX100 is a versatile modern sporting rifle that is both user-friendly and adaptable.

Its state-of-the-art design and high-tech construction allows it to be configured to the needs of just about any shooter or tactical situation.

The ARX100 is a civilian version of Beretta’s respected ARX160 military rifle, which was designed from the beginning to be user-friendly. For example, the rifle’s lightweight polymer receiver helps get the ARX100’s overall weight down to 6.8 pounds.

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If that’s not enough, the ARX100 requires little to no lubrication. The “technopolymer” used to make the receiver has sufficient lubricity to allow the rifle’s component parts to operate smoothly. Many lubricants combine with powder residue and dust to form a thick mixture that can compromise reliability. The ARX100 doesn’t have this problem, and that makes this rifle much easier to clean and maintain in the field. Ease of maintenance is further enhanced by the fact that no tools are required to fieldstrip the ARX100.

Many tactical rifles have ambidextrous features like left- and right-side safeties, magazine releases and bolt releases, but these other rifles can’t be adjusted to change the direction in which spent casings are ejected. The ARX100 can be changed from right- to left-hand ejection in less than a minute. Just pull the bolt back and push the charging handle over to the left side. Then press a button on the side of the receiver to switch ejection from the right side to the left. Changing ejection is possible because the rifle has dual extractors and no ejector. When the button is pressed, one of the extractors is locked in place and becomes the ejector!

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The ARX100’s adaptability begins with the fact that it is a switch barrel. If you want a shorter barrel than the standard 16-inch tube, or want one in a different caliber, simply press two tabs on the forend, remove the barrel and insert another one until it clicks into place. The barrels are cold hammer forged, and they’re made in America.

The ARX100 stock has four positions for adjusting the length of pull, which should suit the needs of the vast majority of users. And because the ARX100 doesn’t have a recoil buffer in the stock like a Stoner-system AR, it can be folded.

Finally, the ARX100’s adaptability is enhanced because it comes with a number of accessories at no extra cost. One of them is a tactical sling made by Condor Outdoor Products. The rifle also has a full-length Picatinny accessory rail on top and shorter accessory rails at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock. These allow optical sights, lasers, lights and vertical handgrips to be easily mounted. Last, but not least, the ARX100 is equipped with spring-loaded pop-up sights.

Shooting Impressions

I took to it quickly and was pleased with the way it handled. Recoil sensation was similar to that of most piston-driven ARs. The tactical accuracy was very good and it didn’t miss a beat. The ARX100 is a direct descendant of Beretta’s ARX160 select-fire military rifle, which has served well with
Italian forces in Afghanistan.

Beretta’s ARX100 is a departure in MSR design that offers increased versatility over traditional AR-pattern guns. The initial run of barrels will be in two calibers, 5.56mm NATO and 300 Blackout.

For further information, visit or call 800-929-2901.

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