Ashbury Precision Ordnance Mfg (APO) designed its SABER Precision Rifle (SPR) for law enforcement agencies looking to enhance their tactical long gun capabilities or practical rifle shooters who need an ergonomic precision rifle platform with modular upgradeability.

The SPR line is based on APO’s new SX bolt action receiver.

The SABER SX is Ashbury’s first in a new line of octagonal precision manufactured bolt action receivers for calibers up to short magnum chamberings.  The SPR-308 uses the latest innovation in the patented SABER-FORSST modular rifle chassis system (MRCS), an interlocking action/chassis design.

The core of Ashbury’s SPR-308 platform is the precision CNC machined SABER SX bolt action receiver, a newly engineered octagonal manufacturing collaboration with Stiller’s Precision Firearms that accepts two styles of detachable box magazines.

The fire control mechanism on SPR-308 rifles is an adjustable single-stage trigger, set to 3.5 pounds.

Using proprietary barrel engineering software, APO designed the 20-inch Pinnacle Series contour, fluted barrel in 416R stainless steel for this potent package.  The 1-in-10″ twist 5R barrel is chambered in .308Win Match and finished with a recessed target crown reminiscent of the revered USMC M40A1 sniper rifle.

SPR cartridge chambers and (optional) threaded muzzles are precisely machined to a straightness of less than 0.0002 of an inch, true to the centerline of the barrel bore.

The rifle is a standard right-hand configuration, with a left-hand model available. The SPR-308 features a one-piece monolithic 20 MOA 12 o’clock top rail with rail space for a “co-aligned” day optic, clip on night vision or thermal imaging device.

The SABER MRCS one-piece monolithic rail provides unparalleled platform rigidity, yielding consistent shot-to-shot accuracy.

Ashbury’s SPR also features an ergonomically shaped Quattro Alloy series V-17 vented forend with 3, 6 and 9 o’clock accessory rail attachment points, variable grip angles, adjustable hand-grip-to-trigger distance, and a comfortable Ergo hand grip.

Ashbury’s new interlocking ASX-A3 MOD-1 chassis further incorporates a double locking aluminum alloy hinge and an ergonomic tactically adjustable shoulder stock (TASS) with changeable length of pull spacers, positive locking thumbscrew/bail ring cheek piece height, and rapid push button Limbsaver recoil pad positioning, up and down.

The basic SPR-308 rifle weighs in at a lightweight 11.3 pounds with an overall length of 39 3/8 inches extended, and a compact folded length of 29 5/8 inches. There are flush cup sling swivel sockets evenly distributed along the entire length of the rifle on both sides.

The SPR-308 is coated with rugged ceramic Cerakote in Black, Olive Drab Green, Flat Dark Earth, Nordic and Tungsten Gray.

Joining the basic model is the SPR-308K1, Ashbury’s “Special Applications Rifle” (SAR), was developed in consultation with Jim Gilliland of Shadow 6 Consulting.

Gilliland brings to the table a significant background as a small arms instructor and distinguished operational sniper. He also is a strong advocate of 20″ and shorter barreled .308 rifles for dynamic situations where precision shooting from alternate positions and practical maneuverability is the rule, while still offering long range performance when necessary.

For law enforcement where typical engagement ranges are less than 100 yards, a high precision ½ MOA specialized tactical rifle makes quite a bit of sense, while retaining the capability to also engage threats well beyond 300 yards, essential.

For short to intermediate range engagements by law enforcement tactical marksmen or as a fast handling hog hunting rifle, the SPR-308K1 rifle uses a 16.5-inch Pinnacle series 1-in-8″ twist barrel with a 5/8-24 threaded muzzle, Blackout muzzle brake/suppressor adapter and optional sound suppressor.

Ashbury’s SPR is also chambered in .223 Wylde, (SPR-223) designed for commercial .223 Remington or military 5.56x45mm NATO ammunition.

The SPR-308 retails for $5,650.

For more information on the SPR-308 and the SPR-308K1, please visit

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