The ASIS Foundation in partnership with the ASIS Military Liaison Council (MLC) has established a new scholarship to recognize outstanding ASIS military members for their duty performance, community leadership, and self-improvement achievements and to assist them in advancing their career by achieving ASIS board certification. The ASIS Foundation/Military Liaison Council Certification Scholarship will award funding to cover direct expenses associated with preparing for and achieving an ASIS board certification (CPP, PCI, or PSP).

According to Joseph Rector, CPP, PSP, PCI, co-chair of the ASIS Military Liaison Council, “Government funding for professional certifications varies greatly among the military services, as it also varies from nation to nation. As a result, many military members must pay for certification costs out of their own pockets. We are excited about this partnership with the ASIS Foundation which provides an opportunity for military members, who are ASIS members, to pursue and enhance their development in the security profession.”

ELIGIBILITY: Those eligible for this award must:
• Be active duty* military assigned to the armed forces of any nation
• Be an ASIS member in good standing
• Meet the professional and educational requirements of the ASIS board certification for which they seek to achieve.

Kenneth Ribler CPP heads up the Military Liaison Council for ASIS International. Kenneth outlines the process of certification and the support of the ASIS International Foundation. Interview conducted on location at the New York City Chapter Conference, April 2012 by Chris Cubbage, Executive Editor for My Security Media.

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