ATI’s Talon stock and forend system was easy to install, was very solid, and the Scorpion buttpad made shooting comfortable. The six-position stock allows the shooter to quickly and easily adjust the gun to allow for the most comfort and accuracy.

The carbine is slowly supplanting the shotgun in many departments these days. It is prevalent enough that in some cases new officers have never even seen a tactical shotgun, let alone used one. With it slowly fading from the police world, it is easy to forget how versatile and powerful this venerable workhorse is—especially the pump shotgun.

Although semi-automatic shotguns are taking over the competition world, and in many instances the tactical environment, the pump shotgun is still the favorite of many. The biggest reason, of course, is its complete reliability with all types of ammunition. No need to change buffers, pistons or anything else. It will run the lightest gas or riot load or the heaviest magnum. It will run wet, dirty, muddy and in any environment. Given the correct ammunition, a pump shotgun will do just about any job a police officer is called upon to do with great effectiveness.

With the exception of long ranges and some limited hard target penetration, it will even do most anything a rifle will do. It just takes some practice and a bit more effort to control recoil. And the recoil has been trimmed down considerably with the latest in low-recoil rounds. It may not be the most popular weapon these days, but the pump shotgun remains one of the most effective, and just as important, it’s affordable.

Using the Triton Mounting System—built from anodized aluminum—one can change between
a buttstock and a pistol grip simply and quickly.

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ATI’s Talon stock and forend system was easy to install, was very solid, and…