ATI Yugo Underfolder—a compact 7.62×39 AK for the ultimate in last-ditch, close-quarters defense!

The growing popularity of aftermarket AKs in the U.S. market has led many to look at the rifle and its variants as a viable home-defense option. For the 2014 AK-47 & SOVIET WEAPONS, author Todd Burgreen examined American Tactical Imports’ AT-47 Yugo Underfolder as one such option.
The simplicity and unique portability of the design, a feature enhanced by an under-folding stock, make the ATI Yugo Underfolder a powerful close-quarters option for self-defense. “Not all weapons need rails, optic and an array of accessories to be considered viable. While reliability should never be compromised in terms of cost/performance ratios, other items considered a must for some may not be high priority or worth it for others. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) methodology can pay dividends in terms of budget and allowing for concentration on other priorities, such as training for example. A case in point for this argument is the ATI Yugo AK Underfolder…” writes Burgreen in his review.

“The 7.62x39mm ATI Yugo AK Underfolder offers the one of the best firepower-to-size ratios among AKs on the market short of resorting to a short-barrel rifle (SBR) configuration,” notes Burgreen. “The under-folding stock was a pleasant surprise in terms of comfort when shouldered and firing, while remaining rock-solid during range time. While not offering the same cheekweld as a normal AK fixed stock, the under-folding stock was not as unpleasant as one may imagine in terms of recoil impulse to the shoulder or face.”
Burgreen considered the rifle’s portability further as he put it through its paces at the range with the stock both extended and collapsed. “Its dimensional flexibility based on the under-folding stock gives one better options for discrete carry—yes, discrete carry with a rifle,” says Burgreen. “However, at its heart, the ATI Yugo Underfolder is still a rifle capable of delivering accurate fire out to 150 to 200 yards and beyond.”

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