American Technologies Network, Corp.’s PS15-4 is a compact, lightweight dual Night Vision Goggles system utilizing two Autogated/Filmless image intensifier tubes, improving operational effectiveness for night vision goggle users. The Autogated/Filmless tube provides a higher signal to noise ration than standard 3rd Generation resulting in better image quality under low-light conditions and further improves image resolution under high light conditions with a reduced halo effect that minimizes interference from bright light sources. The dual-tube design provides increased depth perception and outstanding clarity. A built-in IR lets the user easily read a map and function in a total darkness environment.

The ATN PS15-4 Night Vision Goggle System allows for hand-free use and comes with a goggle kit, lithium battery, lens tissue, lens cap, instructions and warranty card, all in a soft carrying case. An optional 3X A focal lens is available turning the PS15-4 into a binocular. Other options available include Universal Helmet Mount Kit, MICH Helmet Mount Kit, PASGT Helmet Mount Kit and an IR450-B4 Illuminator. ATN’s PS15-4 Night Vision Goggle System is also available in Gen. 2+, CGT, HPT, Gen. 3, Gen. 3A, and Gen 3 ITT Pinnacle.

ATN PS15-4 Specifications
MIL-STD-810 Complies
IIT type G4 Autogated/Filmless
Magnification 1x
Resolution 64-72 lp/mm
Power Supply (1) 1.5V AA or (1) 3V lithium (CR123A)
Battery Life 40 hrs
Lens System F1:2, 27mm
FOV 40°
Controls Direct
Range of Focus 0.25m to Infinity
Operating Temperature -40°C to +50C°
Storage Temperature -50° to +70° C
Environmental rating Waterproof
Dimensions 120 x 114 x 69 mm
4.7” x 4.5” x 2.7
Weight 0.7 kg/ 1.54 lb
MSRP $8,395.00

The ATN PS15-4 also features the Total Darkness IR System, Proshield Lens Coating, Automatic Brightness control, Bright Light cut-off, automatic shut-off system, low battery indicator, IR Indicator and an Infrared Illuminator built in with the flood lens.

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American Technologies Network, Corp.’s PS15-4 is a compact, lightweight dual Night Vision Goggles system…