Applied Tactical Technologies, Inc. (ATT-Tactical) announced today that it has received an order for their Maritime Ballistic Vest (MBV) system from an international Maritime Security Group. The systems will be deployed in contract Port Security Operations at foreign Ports.

The MBV is entirely neutral buoyant and features specially constructed an NIJ 0101.06 certified Level IIIA ballistic package that has been tested for 24 hours in salt water as well as the grueling FBI / DEA testing protocols. The ballistics have been Special Threat tested for non-standard projectiles including bomb fragments. The vests as chosen, feature supplemental protection from rifle rounds by the inclusion of their UHMWPE Level III + Rifle Protective Plates.


Also include with the ordered systems is the TFSS – Tactical Flotation Support System which will support an operator wearing a full kit of equipment (up to 80 lbs of supportive buoyancy). The self-actuating system deploys when the operator hits the water yet is non-obtrusive during ship-board operations.

If your team operates anywhere near or on the water, then this is YOUR tactical vest.

Constructed of the finest materials available, our M.B.V. is designed and intended for water-borne operators.


Our DX Ballistic material (Dyneema® & Twaron®) is impervious to salt water degradation. The panels meet or exceed the NIJ 0101.06 requirements. The material’s fibers do not absorb water (24 hour salt water emersion)

Level IIIA Performance:
Aerial Density: 1.05 psf
Panel Thickness: .23″
9mm V50/V0: 1876fps / 21mm
.44mag V50/V0: 1656fps / 38mm
9mmWin 127gr SXT+P+

Special Threat V50 Performance:
Winchester Ranger 9mm 127grain SXT +P+: 1834fps
Speer Gold Dot .357Sig 125 grain: 1794fps
FNH FN5.7x28mm (SS195): 2232fps

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