The US Army could deploy with a new scalable and modular body armor system within the next couple of years, according to BAE Systems.

Speaking to Land Warfare International at the AUSA Annual Meeting on 25 October, the company said the army remained ‘tight lipped’ about evaluation of various solutions which were delivered in September for trials.

LWI understands that other companies invited to offer up solutions included Armorworks, PPI and Point Blank. Each company delivered ten prototypes to the army, it is understood.

Based on its Ultra Lightweight Warrior system, BAE Systems’ Scalable Soldier Protection System (SPSS) a concealable body armor vest which protects against 9mm ammunition and fragmentation effects; a plate carrier; and tactical vest similar to the in-service Improved Outer Tactical Vest.

Currently, the US Army issues soldiers with ‘standalone’ body armor systems which are not interoperable with each other, according to BAE Systems’ Director Advanced Programs, Val Horvatich. ‘SSPS can be transformed from a concealable configuration that provides solid protection in low-risk threat [or covert] situations to a full tactical vest required for high-risk mission,’ he told LWI. The company has also designed a system for female operators.

In addition, the modular system can be adapted to carry protection soft armor panels for the shoulders, arms, legs and groin. Finally, a load carrying belt can be attached. BAE Systems said its solution allowed for weight savings up to 2lbs in total.

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