The latest warfighting equipment and technology was presented February 23-25 at Florida’s Broward County Convention Center, during the AUSA Winter Symposium and Expo. The focus was on the campaign of learning: creating a competitive advantage through adaptive leaders and versatile units. Expo displays ranged from UAVs and weapons to trucks and Boeing’s CH47 Chinook. Let’s look at some of the items that will make our warriors safer, stronger and smarter.

A long-time supplier of superb military, LE and civilian arms, Sig Sauer now has added a .50 BMG precision rifle for precise long-range shooting. The SIG50 offers a user-modified, quickly detachable stock to ensure comfort and effective ergonomics for cheek height, hand grip, length-of-pull and ease of transport. To ensure superior precision compared to semi-automatic heavy-caliber sniper rifles, the SIG50 is bolt-action with a five-shot box magazine to allow for quick follow-up shots or multiple-target engagements. Typical for long-range precision rifles, the SIG50 has full-length Mil-Std-1913 rails to mount mission-specific optics, night vision, bipods and targeting lasers. Weighing 23.5 pounds with a match-grade trigger that breaks like glass at 3.5 pounds, the SIG50 has a muzzle brake topping its 29-inch heavily fluted, 1-in-15 twist barrel. In battle arenas where mile-long precision shots are now an expectation, the SIG50 delivers the ability to consistently place steel on target. (; 603-772-2302)

Ameripack has introduced their limited-production version of a GI footlocker. Molded in Army black and yellow, the Army Chest has three steel hinges and compression locks to seal its waterproof silicon O-ring from moisture. Like all Ameripack cases, the Army Chest can withstand 2,000 pounds and 7-foot drops onto concrete. The non-conductive construction will not dent or corrode and the molded colors will not rub off. Manufactured in the U.S.A. and backed by a limited lifetime warranty, the Ameripack Army Chest has two, 4-inch deep inner shelves that can be inverted for use as a flat surface to sit, eat or write on. The cavernous chest can hold several cubic feet of clothes and gear that can easily move on integral, widely spaced wheels. (; 800-456-7963)

The LE901 is what AR shooters asked for—a single, serialized lower receiver that can be configured for 7.62mm or 5.56mm carbine or rifle, gas or gas impingement. This modular weapon system can be rapidly changed to 7.62mm/.308 with either a 13- or 16-inch barrel. Conversely, if 5.56mm/.223 is required with a 10.3-, 14.5- or 16-inch barrel, shooters in the field can swap out the upper receiver group by simply drifting out takedown and pivot pins. No tools or gauges are needed to quickly change the complete upper, so there is no need to re-zero optics. (; 800-241-2485)

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The latest warfighting equipment and technology was presented February 23-25 at Florida’s Broward County…