Avon Protection Systems is to launch a new generation of NIOSH approved compact, battery powered modular airflow units. By combining a major advance in Avon respiratory system engineering within an ergonomically designed housing unit, Avon promises a dramatic reduction in the physical burden of traditional respiratory systems for today’s highly equipped law enforcement and first response teams.

The new Avon EZAir forms the first module of the range currently in development, and follows a total Avon re-evaluation of the powered air market to deliver a new focus on simplicity, modularity and end user needs.

At the heart of the Avon EZAir modular unit, is a super-light engine which drives a compact, self contained blower unit which incorporates Avon’s NIOSH approved CTF12 or low profile CTF12 riot filters. In addition, a low flow/battery alarm, supported by ‘hot swap’ removable batteries, provides the wearer with an incredibly lightweight and versatile system that delivers a new level of comfort combined with traditional Avon respiratory protection.


Commenting on this culmination of Avon’s four year-long R&D program, James Wilcox, Global Director of Marketing and Product Development said, “Reducing wearer burden is particularly important during high intensity periods of activity for law enforcement teams, especially during pro-longed crowd-monitoring or clean-up scenarios. Designed primarily for use with Avon Protection’s class leading FM53 and C50 full-face respirator, the Avon EZAir module will introduce a new category of breath assist blower for first responders. They will now enjoy a well being product that makes it easier for them to breathe while reducing the size and weight of their traditionally burdensome respiratory support systems. The new Avon EZAir engine will also be used for our future PAPR and combination products, which we are planning to launch later in the year.”


Avon’s newly designed modular airflow unit weighs just 225g and measures 70mm x 120mm in diameter. This, Avon claims, positions it as the smallest self-contained blower unit with integrated battery pack on the market. The unit can run on three different power options: replaceable CR-123; rechargeable Li-ion; single use emergency battery. Depending on filter and battery configuration, the unit will run from 4-10 hours and is supported with low flow and battery warning alarms.


However, it is the new level of wearer comfort that Avon believes will prove Avon’s EZAir greatest attraction. Here the unit provides users with cooler air intake, elimination of potential for mask fogging, and a lower breathing resistance when compared to non-assisted filters. All of which enables the wearer to last much longer in a physically taxing scenario. And, equipped with Avon’s CTF12 filter, the wearer is fully protected from non-lethal riot agents, including tear gas and pepper spray.

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