Barrett’s 98B rifle is a firearm built on precision.

The new Barrett 98B Tactical is no different.

The original 98B fired a .338 Lapua Magnum with barrel lengths of 20, 24 and 26 inches.

That’s where the changes start for the Barrett 98B Tactical, which is available in .308 Winchester and .300 WIN Magnum. The .308 comes either with a 16- or 22-inch barrel, while the .300 comes with a 24-inch barrel.

Other changes from the original to the tactical include rail length and minute of angle (MOA). The original 98B had an 18-inch rail length and an MOA of 30, while the new 98B Tactical has a 17-inch rail and an MOA 0f 20.

The Barrett 98B has a straight-line design, running from the highly efficient muzzle brake to the shooter’s shoulder, tames recoil. It also allows for faster, more accurate follow-up shots fed from the 10-round detachable magazine.

The ergonomic pistol grip of the Barrett 98B reduces muscle fatigue and provides total control over the fully adjustable trigger. An intuitive, thumb-operated safety can be accessed without compromising the firing grip and allows the shooter to maintain a solid weld to the adjustable cheek piece.

The oversized bolt handle can be easily manipulated, feeding a new round into the chamber as the bolt glides through a polymer guide.

Barrett’s newest addition is available in black or tungsten grey. The Barrett 98B Tactical has a starting MSRP of $3,995.

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