Barrett is known for building some of the most rugged and dependable weapons on the planet, and the company looks to continue that reputation well beyond 2015 by offering several new designs that should interest every shooter. First up is the MRAD, or Multi-Role Adaptive Design, rifle, which took the industry by storm a few years ago but is now available in several variants. The newest of which was designed for countersnipers working in urban combat situations—it’s a Barrett MRAD in .308 Winchester/7.62mm NATO that is integrally suppressed. The barrel (match-grade stainless steel) and suppressor (titanium) are one piece to make for a very compact package. The stock also folds to the right side for extra mobility.

For more firepower, Barrett’s offering the M240LW, a redesign of the U.S. military’s M240 system with a more compact, modular, lightweight system. The KeyMod handguard free-floats the barrel while keeping the user’s hands safe.

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Finally, Barrett has unveiled its REC7 Gen II Flyweight, a piston-driven AR that weighs only 5.1 pounds unloaded! It has all the Gen II enhancements, including a user-removable gas block, a KeyMod handguard, but now with weight-saving enhancements including a lightweight-profile barrel that is threaded but only comes with a thread protector. This keeps the gun simple, lightweight and utterly reliable.

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