The new AR 15 rifle platform is built to work like a dependable precision tool. AR 15 scopes are designed to enhance the accuracy and performance of this precision tool. Tactical scopes designed for the AR15 have a wide range of targeting functions, but the two distinct targeting methods for AR 15 scopes are quick acquisition close quarter targeting and long range targeting. AR rifle scope technology has advanced so much that the modern shooter can take advantage of both shooting styles at the same time.

Dual targeting points can be achieved with a combination of a main magnified optical scope, a secondary quick targeting sight, and a third targeting point which can be achieved via an AR 15 laser sight. Barska is one of the few manufacturers of military style optics that designs all types of AR 15 sights, from long range scopes to tactical laser sights.

AR 15 sights for quick target shooting or close quarters shooting requires a sight with little to no optical magnification, and chiefly relies on a highly visible reticle and a wide field of view. This type of shooting requires the sight or scope to help guide your eye to the target quickly without obstructing your view.

When choosing a quick target shooting AR 15 sight, keep in mind: smaller is better. The less the sight obstructs the shooters’ view, the easier it is to quickly track down and target. The shooting range of an AR 15 sight with no magnification is from point blank to 50 yards max. When shooting longer distances, shooters can sight in the target with a scope that has a higher magnification. The Electro sight by Barska is a series of highly visible sights specifically designed for quick target shooting. These sights are also ideal for home defense where the ability to quickly target the intruder within a close distance is crucial.

Close to mid range AR 15 scopes for target shooting distances of 50 – 150 yards requires optical magnification. Barska offers several models of close to mid range scopes that fit every shooters needs and preferences. The best option would be a zoom-powered scope with a low minimum magnification of 1x and a high magnification of 4x. If choosing a fixed power, a 4x magnification is a commonly preferred power for mid range shooting. The advantage of a zoom power AR scope that can go down to 1x is that it can be used in close quarters combat shooting if needed. At 1x this is what you see with your naked eye, the close focus at 1x allows you to co-witness the scopes’ reticle with the rifles’ iron sight, which is a feature and specification most law enforcement shooters need in an AR 15 scope. Low magnification scopes like the Barska Multi-Rail electro sight come in 1-3x, 1-4x and 4x powers which can be used with a laser sight for a second aiming point or a long-range co-witness of the targeting point. Shooters can zero a mid range scope in at 100 yards and with a Barska GLX green laser sight, can light up the target for a distant co-witness. The use of a laser together with an AR 15 scope can give the shooter the ability to designate a different shooting distances within the scopes reticle.

Long range AR 15 sniper scopes, like the 4-16x50mm by Barska are built for distances of 50 yards to over 300 yards. The SWAT sniper scope by Barska is built to the high specifications of extreme long distance shooter. The SWAT series features one of the longest distance rifle scopes, the 10-40x50mm Swat scope. This scope can target distances of up to 1000 yards with larger AR rifles such as the AR-10. Today’s use of the AR 15 rifle has expanded from a military rifle to hunting, home defense, and recreational targeting shooting rifle.

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The new AR 15 rifle platform is built to work like a dependable precision…