Troy Defense continues to innovate all aspects of the firearm industry with the 5.56 Carbine, Shown here topped with Nikon M-223 riflescope. Although similar to the scope depicted, the test scope came equipped with an internal laser-rangefinder

Few instances make gunwriters more excited than the opportunity to test one of the hottest new firearms on the market. Pairing that weapon with an equally exciting laser-rangefinding scope makes the proposition even better. I was recently afforded the chance to test a new Troy Defense 5.56 Carbine, paired with the Nikon M-223 2.5-10×40 Laser IRT riflescope.

Troy 5.56 Carbine

Troy Industries, located in West Springfield, Massachusetts, is now a household name among gun enthusiasts and military, law enforcement and armed governmental personnel. Formerly a manufacturer of high-end firearm accessories and polymer magazines, Troy Defense (the firearms division of Troy Industries) is now manufacturing a full line of military-grade weapons and sound suppressors, and has just released an impressive rifle to the civilian market in the form of a 16-inch pre-ban carbine. The rifle is currently available only at Dick’s Sporting Goods and is near-identical to the Troy 5.56 Carbine I tested.


In the interest of full disclosure, I have been loosely affiliated with Troy Industries as a personal friend of the company’s president, Steve Troy, for several years. During that period I have helped the company with some minor marketing and sales endeavors, and I have performed no official representation of this company for approximately three years now. When I was offered the opportunity to evaluate this new Troy offering, I leapt at the chance with the only caveat being that my assessment would be conducted with complete journalistic integrity. Confident in the quality and performance capabilities of his carbine, Steve readily agreed to my conditions, and also asked for any feedback once I completed the test.

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Troy Defense continues to innovate all aspects of the firearm industry with the 5.56…