Beretta 92 Series SHOT Show 2015
Renowned Beretta 92 Series Gets Expansion For 2015

The 9mm Beretta 92, as the M9, has served our military for decades. Beretta is building upon that success in 2015 by releasing several new variants to meet and exceed every shooter’s expectations.

First up is the all new 92FS Brigadier, which features a heavier slide for better recoil control. The pistol also comes with dovetailed front and rear sights, which makes it easier to replace or adjust the sights as needed. Beretta will offer this pistol with Inox, stainless or blued finishes.

Next is the Beretta 92G, which has only a decocker instead of the usual decocker/safety. This means you will decock the hammer and put the gun back into double-action mode every time you activate the slide-mounted lever.

The new Beretta 92FS Vertec features a completely new grip design that is smaller and slimmer to accommodate those with smaller hands. You’ll notice a straight backstrap as well for more comfortable gripping. The Vertec pistol also has removable front and rear sights, a definite advantage when it comes to customization options. This pistol is available with either an Inox or blued finish and a “G” decocker version is in the works.

Beretta is also offering a standard 92FS with a LaserMax Guide Rod Laser in Native Green. The activation switch replaces the disassembly lever, and the laser is perfectly aligned with the barrel and points naturally. This is a win-win combination.

Finally, Beretta is offering the 92GSD, which features a “G” decocker, a Brigadier slide, Trijicon night sights, an M9A1 frame with an accessory rail, extra checkering on the front and backstraps, and a beveled mag well.

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