Beretta APX debut striker-fired
A look at Beretta's all new Striker-Fired APX.

Beretta recently debuted its new APX striker fired pistol at the IDEX Show (International Defence Exhibition & Conference) in Abu Dhabi.

Designed specifically for military and law enforcement operators, the APX has been put through extensive testing and evaluation at the professional end-user level.

According to a release on

Following the market trends and demand for a certain type of features in a semi-automatic pistol, the new Beretta APX comes built around an ergonomically-molded reinforced polymer frame fitted with a built-in MIL-STD-1913 “Picatinny” rail for tactical accessories. As standard nowadays, the Beretta APX is issued with interchangable backstraps, which also include grip panels, in order to better fit several hand sizes and thus remain viable to shooters of all genders, ages, sizes, and build.

Unlike the Beretta 92 series − which, like the predecessor Beretta 951, was based on a Walther-type tilting barrel − and unlike the more recent Beretta Px4Storm series − which was built around a rotating barrel − the new Beretta APX comes with a much simpler modified Browning locking system; it can only be disassembled when it is disarmed, and that’s why a slot on the frame allows the use of a tool to decock it before it can be field-stripped by operating a lever found on the left side of the frame itself, right over the trigger guard.

The trigger can be considered a light double action, with a 2,8kg/6.17lbs break, a 6mm/0.2″ travel and a 3mm/0.12″ reset; the Beretta APX is a striker-fired design, and the rear portion of the striker itself will slightly protrude from a round slot on the back of the slide providing a visual and tactile confirmation of its status.

The slide of the Beretta APX semi-automatic pistol is machined out of stainless steel, and is nitride-coated upon construction to make it glare-proof, scratch-proof and corrosion-resistant; wide front and rear slide serrations allow easier manual cocking and chamber checks.


The APX striker fired pistol has been developed to match military and law enforcement needs but is not just for these customers, Beretta intends to market a variant for the commercial market later this year.

For updates on when the commercial version of the APX will be available, please visit and fill out the corresponding form.

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