This Px4 is accurate, reliable and fits nicely in the hand. Built for the harshest conditions, it is designed to go anywhere the operation takes it. Shown here with an Insight WX150 light.

Gun Details
The latest variant for Beretta is the Px4. Introduced in 2004, it took into account many of the requests made by agencies and professionals. The triggerguard, although ample in size, was rounded a bit for concealed carry. The takedown pin changed as well as the slide spring. The action is set up so there is very little feed ramp “bounce” to facilitate enhanced reliability. It is also has an exclusive rotating barrel system that provides for consistent and solid lockup. The accessory rail under the barrel was also added to accommodate lights and other devices. A removable grip strap was added to fit different hand sizes, as well as an ambidextrous safety/decocker and a reversible magazine release. There really is a ton of innovation in this pistol and it offeres those who either prefer or must carry a double-action/single-action pistol a modern, state-of-the-art choice.

Beretta is easily considered a leader in the 9mm pistol market. But as the military and others have clamored for a .45 ACP pistol, Beretta has come through with the Special Duty .45 ACP pistol. This pistol was developed to meet the requirements of the Joint Combat Pistol as specified by SOCOM. Designed to deal with the harshest of conditions, it utilizes materials that will hold up to serious abuse. It is equipped with both a single-flush magazine, holding 9 rounds, and two 10-round magazines with an extended base.

With controls that can be reached easily in a system familiar to our troops, Beretta’s Special Duty .45 ACP is an excellent example of a modern combat pistol designed with the special operator in mind.

All of them are coated in a special PVD coating that provides corrosion resistance and some lubricity. The barrel is extended, allowing it to be threaded where necessary. The pistol comes in a really nice waterproof case that keeps everything nicely packed away, and provides some room for a light or laser with a bit of effort. The lower and the case are in the earth color that our operating environment requires these days.

To accommodate an array of shooters, the mag release can be changed to operate on either side.

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This Px4 is accurate, reliable and fits nicely in the hand. Built for the…