Beretta U.S.A. Corp. announced today its receipt of a U.S. Army contract to provide up to 450,000 Beretta Model 92FS pistols to U.S. military customers throughout the world.  The total value of the contract, if all pistol quantities and associated spare parts are ordered, is $220 million.

The contract was awarded along with a first delivery order for 20,000 pistols intended for the Iraqi military.  Delivery of pistols against the contract has already begun.

“We are honored to see the quality and performance of the Beretta Model 92FS pistol continue to be acknowledged in this dramatic way,” commented Cav. Ugo Gussalli Beretta, President of Beretta U.S.A.  “It is clear that the Beretta 9mm pistol still sets the standard for military users throughout the world.”

“This contract will help ensure jobs for hundreds of U.S. workers in the Beretta U.S.A. factory in Maryland for years to come,” added Jeff Reh, General Counsel and Vice-General Manager for Beretta U.S.A.  “Beretta U.S.A. was awarded the contract to provide the Beretta 9mm Model 92FS pistol as the standard sidearm for the U.S. Armed Forces back in 1985 and we have continued to do so on a constant basis ever since.  About three years ago, Beretta U.S.A. received 13 separate contracts to provide Beretta 9mm pistols and associated spare parts to the U.S. Armed Forces.  This new, larger contract will continue our efforts by supporting foreign military customers of the U.S. around the world.

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