Georgia-based Bergara Rifles has introduced their new B14 Series Bergara Match Precision (BMP) Chassis Rifle for 2017. Chambered in .308 Win and 6.5 Creedmoor and featuring the famous Bergara barrel — which is produced using a proprietary vertically honed, button rifled barrel in a #5 contour and is threaded 5/8”x24 to accept most compatible muzzle devices and suppressors — the feature-rich B14 BMP will meet all the needs of various types of shooters, whether it’s on the range, in a precision rifle series competition or hunters. See more in the release below.

Manufactured by Bergara Rifles, the B14 BMP’s main chassis is machined from solid 7075 T6 aluminum. The forward portion of the BMP Chassis incorporates flush cup mounts for QD attachments, as well as Magpul® M-LOK modular locking accessory mounting slots. The M-LOK design allows shooters to easily mount accessories on an as needed basis. The main body of the BMP Chassis is precisely machined to cut weight and perfectly fit the Bergara B14 action and world-renowned Bergara barrel, which is known for its accuracy and consistent performance.

The incredibly smooth B14 action and barrel incorporate a barrel nut design that allows shooters to replace or change barrels, should they desire to do so. The magazine well front is designed and contoured so that it can be used as a support brace when leaning against shooting supports. The main magazine body is precision machined and designed to accept AICS style magazines. With a near vertical AR style grip, the BMP rifle feels very comfortable to many shooters and allows for ambidextrous use.

The rear stock of the BMP Chassis is specifically created to offer a multitude of adjustments for many different types of shooters. Equally as important, every single adjustment can be made completely by hand and without the requirement of a tool. The rear stock is precisely machined to reduce weight, yet offer extreme functionality. The cheek riser is adjustable up and down and has multiple machined positions, allowing snap rings (included) to be inserted preventing inadvertent change of the set height position. Both the length of pull and the recoil pad are fully adjustable. The recoil pad can be adjusted vertically, as well as left and right canting. Another great feature of the B14 BMP Chassis Rifle, should the shooter decide, is the option to completely remove the rear stock and replace it with a common AR-style buffer tube and rear stock. This modularity allows the BMP to be outfitted with many different types of aftermarket stock options. Bergara will also offer a side- folder adapter for the rear stock of the BMP to reduce its overall length during storage or transportation.

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B14 BMP Chassis Rifle Specifications:
.308 Win and 6.5 Creedmoor
10.15 lbs. for .308 Caliber / 11 lbs. for 6.5 Creedmoor
Chassis Material:
7075 T6 aluminum / type III hard coat anodized
2-lug action / sliding plate extractor / cone bolt nose and breech to ensure smooth feeding and extraction
AICS style mag compatible – Includes a Magpul PMAG AICS Magazine
Bergara barrel #5 contour – 4140 CrMo steel barrel
Barrel Thread:
5/8″ x 24 with thread protector
Barrel Length / Caliber / Twist Ratio:
20″ Barrel / .308 Win / 1:10
24″ Barrel / 6.5 Creedmoor / 1:8
AR-15 Style Grip – designed specifically for the B14 BMP chassis rifle
Bergara B14 series adjustable trigger

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