A reliable sidearm is a must-have for those who go into harm’s way. And, thanks to SPECIAL WEAPONS, you have terrific insight into some of the best and brightest options available today. Read on to see some of the most capable, powerful and effectives handguns available today!

Xceptional XDs: 12 of Springfield’s Best XD Handguns

When it comes to delivering when it counts, it is hard to beat Springfield’s extensive line of XD pistols. Rugged, reliable and affordable, these polymer-framed powerhouses are ready for any situation. From deep-cover carry to tactical team entries to dominating at the range, there is an XD for every situation.

Gun Test: The Competition-Ready Glock 40 Gen4 MOS

Combining the amazing power of the 10mm cartridge, the enhanced accuracy and ballistic performance of a longslide and the lightning-fast target acquisition of reflex sight system, the Glock 40 Gen4 MOS is a gun equally at home taking down deadly threats as it is competing on the range.

STI Speed Demons: 10 Competition Pistols From STI International

When it comes to competition race guns, new names are more revered than STI. With a broad range of competition-ready pistols for just about any discipline, STI has the right gun for you. Want to dominate on the competitive range? Then look no further than STI.

Handgun Roundup: 11 Maximized Megapistols

When it comes down to it, we all want the best of all worlds. And, when it comes to powerful handguns, it is hard to beat the “mega pistol.” Combining enhanced power, capacity and performance, this class of “super guns” delivers what you need when it matters the most. Take a look at some of the best available today.

Gun Test: Remington’s R1 Enhanced Threaded Barrel

Remington, a revered name in American firearms, is offering shooters an amazing 1911 that is ready for whisper-quiet performance. The R1 Enhanced threaded Barrel comes straight from the factory ready to accept the suppressor of your choice. Count on the “Big Green” to deliver a top-tier 1911 ready to deliver silent force.

Gun Test: Smith & Wesson’s M&P9 VTAC Handgun

Smith & Wesson’s M&P line of polymer-framed pistols has earned a place of respect in the duty pistol and self-defense realm. And, with the VTAC variant of the design, it is taking it to the next level. Enhanced and ready for any eventuality, this pistol is designed from the ground up to deliver when it counts.

Gun Test: Beretta’s Combat-Ready M9A3 Pistol

The Beretta M9 (or 92) is a battle-proven warrior that has earned the respect of warriors for the last three decades. Taking this respected design to the next level is the new M9A3, an ultra-enhanced and updated version of the classic battle pistol. Read on to learn more about it.

First Look: Beretta’s Long-Awaited, LEO-Approved APX Handgun

While Beretta has earned the respect of warriors around the world with its traditional double action M9/92 series of pistols, the company is not willing to rest on its laurels. To that end, enter the new APX, an ultra-modern, polymer-framed duty pistol that delivers everything today’s warrior needs. Carrying on the tradition, the APX marches forth.

Covert Strike: Top 15 Suppressor-Ready Pistols

Looking for a pistol that can deliver silent force straight from the factory? Then take a look at this round up of some of the best and brightest suppressor-ready pistols. From polymer-framed powerhouses to 1911-style warriors, you will find just what you need here. Read on to learn more.

Gun Test: Wilson Combat 92G Brigadier Tactical 9mm

The Beretta 92G Brigadier Tactical from Wilson Combat provides 92 fans and enthusiasts with an enhanced an optimized version of this classic warrior. Wilson Combat brings all its skills to bear with this project, and it shows in the end result. This one is a must have for any tactical pistol enthusiast.

Heckler & Koch’s Striker-Fired VP9 Is Finally Here

From the company that helped legitimize striker-fired pistols, the new VP9 pistol from Heckler & Koch is a lean, mean fighting machine. Light, powerful and simple to use, the VP9 offers everything you want in a defensive pistol, and nothing you do not. For those who want to best, this is an outstanding choice.

The Beretta M9 Continues Its Impressive Battle Legacy

The Beretta M9 has a 30-plus year tradition of battle-proven performance. Come along with us for an overview of its many iterations, achievements and accomplishments. This amazing pistol has an equally amazing story behind it. Read on to find out more.

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