By now, many fans of the AR rifle have heard of Windham Weaponry, but those who have not should be aware that while this may be a new name, it is not a new endeavor. Windham Weaponry represents the rebirth of a famous AR manufacturer laid dormant by a corporate relocation. What remained behind was all of the manufacturing know-how and experienced employees dedicated to building extremely high-quality AR rifles and carbines. I have personally tested several of the company’s rifles and every one performed flawlessly and delivered superb accuracy.

5.56 CDI: The CDI rifle from Windham Weaponry is designed to deliver exceptional performance at a reasonable price. The 5.56mm carbine sports a 16-inch barrel with a 1-in-9-inch twist that is made of 4150 chrome moly vanadium steel, chrome-lined and topped off with a high-performance Vortex flash suppressor. The forged upper and lower receivers are made from 7075-T6 aluminum, and the upper features a flattop for accepting optics. The forend of the carbine is a Diamondhead free-floating unit equipped with a Magpul AFG foregrip. A Magpul MOE pistol grip and six-position collapsible stock round out the package.

300 Blackout: One of the company’s latest offerings is the Windham Weaponry 300 Blackout, which represents the first rifle it has offered in this caliber. The rifle features all of the detail and quality that are standard in the company’s full line of rifles. This semi-automatic uses a direct gas impingement system of operation and includes all the standard AR controls for a right-handed shooter. The safety selector is not ambidextrous, but there are clear markings on both sides of the receiver to make it easier to see the condition of the rifle from either side. The upper and lower receivers are made from forged 7075-T6 aluminum and feature a matte black finish.

The medium-profile, 16-inch barrel has a 1-in-7-inch twist rate to better stabilize the heavier .30-caliber bullets and is made from mil-spec 4150 chrome moly vanadium steel. There are M4 feed ramps at the rear for improved reliability, and at the muzzle Windham Weaponry has added the Diamondhead T Brake. This hardened steel compensator features a triangular shape to redirect gasses and substantially reduces recoil and muzzle rise. The shape of the muzzle brake also matches the free-floated Diamondhead VRS-T 13.5-inch handguard, which extends almost to the brake itself.

This handguard allows the barrel to remain free-floating, helping to improve accuracy, and features a fully uninterrupted length of rail on the top of the rifle for optics and accessories. Made from 6061 aluminum, the handguard offers a smooth bottom and sides for user comfort, but additional side and bottom rails are available and easily installed if needed.

Windham Weaponry has also upgraded this rifle with the addition of an ergonomic Hogue pistol grip, which features comfortable and pebbled rubber overmolding, finger grooves and a beavertail to help place the trigger finger in proper alignment. Also included is the Hogue six-position collapsible stock for an adjustable length of pull and a comfortable cheekrest. There are multiple QD sling attachment points on the handguard and stock, and the rifle also includes a Magpul enhanced triggerguard for easier access with gloves.

Way Of The Gun

Modern shooters are increasingly demanding fully customized firearms direct from the factory. Windham Weaponry is now offering the Way of the Gun Performance Carbine to meet this growing demand. Based on the shooting principles of former Special Forces veteran and current instructor Frank Proctor, this rifle is built to meet the most demanding standards and challenging conditions, and is engraved with the “Way of the Gun” logo.

This 5.56mm, mid-length-gas-system carbine features all of the details that make Windham Weaponry guns what they are, including a mil-spec barrel and carpenter 158 steel bolt. The much-appreciated extras on this exclusive offering includes the excellent BCM charging handle, which makes one-handed operation of the AR much easier while allowing the operator to keep a firm hold on the pistol grip. The standard mil-spec trigger has been replaced with a crisper and lighter CMC trigger.

The rifle’s 16-inch, 4150 chrome moly vanadium steel barrel remains free-floating thanks to the Midwest Industries 15-inch SS KeyMod Handguard. This lightweight and well-ventilated aluminum handguard features multiple QD sling swivel attachment points and a full-length top rail. The barrel is topped off with the very effective BCM Mod 1 compensator, which both reduces felt recoil and muzzle rise as well as muzzle flash. You also get a BMC Gunfighter Mod 2 pistol grip with internal storage and the Magpul
MOE six-position collapsible stock. Finally, each rifle ships complete with a Way of the Gun DVD and operator’s manual.

BIG-BORE Performance

The Windham Weaponry 7.62x39mm SRC is an AR carbine with all of the versatility and features American shooters appreciate, but it’s chambered in the cheap and easy-to-find 7.62x39mm round. The round uses a tapered case, which necessitates a distinctly curved magazine, especially the 30 rounder that comes standard. The rifle also uses a different bolt than a standard AR.

You still get a direct gas impingement, semi-automatic rifle with a chrome-lined, 16-inch barrel that’s made from 4150 chrome moly vanadium. The barrel offers a 1-in-9.5-inch twist rate and is topped off with an A2 flash suppressor. You also get all of the standard AR controls, including a six-position collapsible stock and a flattop upper.

As the name implies, “SRC” stands for “Sight Ready Carbine,” and there is a length of rail in place of the A2 front sight. This allows for the user to select whatever backup sights or optics you prefer for front and rear. New U.S.-made 7.62x39mm ammunition offers greater versatility for hunting or range uses than Eastern Bloc military surplus, further expanding the attractiveness of this chambering.

Tactical .308

Eugene Stoner originally designed the AR to be a big-bore .308 battle rifle. It was only after the U.S. Air Force requested a lighter rifle that the AR we know more commonly today came about. The Windham Weaponry R16SFST-308 not only returns the AR to its original loading but adds many distinct tactical features more commonly found on .223-chambered ARs.

This semi-automatic rifle maintains the AR’s distinct direct gas impingement system and uses a matte black, forged aircraft-grade 7075-T6 aluminum upper and lower receiver. The lower receiver features all of the familiar AR controls and a forged integrated triggerguard as well as ambidextrous QD sling swivel attachment points. The flattop upper receiver melds almost seamlessly with the Midwest Industries free-floating 15-inch KeyMod handguard for easy mounting of extended optics, night vision as well as backup iron sights. The handguard itself makes it easy to add an additional length of rail where needed and includes multiple QD sling point at the front.

The 16.5-inch barrel is chrome lined and made from 4150 chrome moly vanadium steel. It offers a 1-in-10-inch twist rate and an A2 flash suppressor. A six-position collapsible stock makes length of pull adjustments a breeze to fit the rifle to the shooter. The ergonomic Hogue rubber overmolded, finger-grooved grip increases comfort and provides a firm hold even in inclement conditions. A Magpul 20-round P-MAG is included.

.308 Hunter

For hunting, the .308 Winchester is suitable and effective for every large game animal in North America and is just as capable as a long-range cartridge (I have shot targets at over 1,400 yards with it).

The Windham Weaponry .308 Hunter is designed for the North American big-game hunter and offers all of the advantages of the AR in a more demure package that will appeal to traditionalists. You get standard, high-quality, forged 7075-T6 aircraft aluminum upper and lower receivers, direct gas impingement semi-automatic operation and the standard AR controls, but there are also many custom features.

The 18-inch, chrome-lined 4150 chrome moly vanadium barrel has a 1-in-10-inch twist and is fluted for weight reduction. The A2 flash suppressor is removable for installing a sound suppressor (suppressor hunting is legal in a growing number of states). The flattop upper receiver makes mounting optics very easy and the Hogue overmolded, rubberized grip provides all-day comfort and a firm hold when the weather gets rough. Most notable, however, is the rifle’s laminated, pepper grey wood stock and handguard, which offer a rubber buttpad and a weather-resistant finish. The electroless nickel finish on the upper and lower receivers matches up perfectly with the wood furniture. You also get a standard five-round magazine for legal hunting.

All Windham Weaponry rifles come with a hard plastic gun case, a black web sling, an operators manual and a fully transferable lifetime warranty.

For more information on Windham Weaponry, visit or call 855-808-1888.     

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