The latest additions to Blackheart International’s “Operational Guide” handbook series are now in stock and ready for ship- ment. The AK Handbook and the AR-15 Handbook join the list of must-have field guides to the M-16/M-4, Glock and HK 416.

The AK Handbook is a quick reference training guide for all owners of the AK47, AKM and AK74 series rifles. The AR-15 Handbook was developed spe- cifically for law enforcement and civilian tactical applications. Both books stem from the authors’ more than 20 years of shooting experience using these weapons for sport, training and combat. These handbooks are not filled with “nice to know”, but only “need to know” information, and can be used as a guide for classes prior to range operations, or as a quick reference when on the range. They give the “what” and “how” as well as the “why” necessary to teach the proper operation and employment of the AK and AR- 15 rifles. Areas covered include ballistics, malfunctions, maintenance, sight adjustment of commonly used optics (AR), zeroing (AK), battlefield recov- ery (AK), and more.


• Detailed Photos / Diagrams • 50-page (AK) / 76-page (AR), coil bound booklet • 4×6-inch compact size • Easily fits in a cargo pocket or range bag • Excellent training manual


About the Authors
Mike Pannone and Erik Lawrence served together in the 1990s with the US Army Special Forces, as well as projects worldwide. This broad range of operational and training experience has perfected the methodology they use and allowed them to help students rapidly advance their skills with a greater degree of precision. It revolves around not only the mastery of the basics but a thorough understanding of how and why they work.

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The latest additions to Blackheart International’s “Operational Guide” handbook series are now in stock…