BH-000-009-BK (w/o QD swivels) $23.75. BH-000-009-BKS (w/QD swivels) $50.00

The need to quickly adjust the length of your rifle sling in order to transition between fast-changing tactical situations is a notion that every expe- rienced soldier or law enforcement officer can appreciate. Blackheart International’s new BHI Quick-Adjust Weapon Sling satisfies that often overlooked asset in a tactical weap- on system.

Built for use on a variety of weapon platforms, the Quick- Adjust Weapon sling is constructed of heavy-duty, 1.25-inch wide Denier nylon webbing (versus one-inch straps common with competing sling designs) for enhanced weight distribution, and features a long, comfortable shoulder pad for maximum user comfort. Maximum length is 82 inches, making this sling long enough for use with various weapons, and to fit over soldiers wearing armor and a rucksack.

The new slings are available in two versions. Model number BH-000-009-BK ($23.75) comes without swivels to allow the strap to be swapped between rifles with QD or conventional strap swivels. Model BH-000-009- BKS ($50.00) has the QD swivels sewn-in to eliminate excess strap, making it compatible for use on any weapon platform equipped with Quick-Detach mounting points. The heart of the sling system is the quick-adjust buckle and strap assembly. By simply pulling the adjust- ment strap with the rifle support (free) hand, the sling can transition the firearm from “loose-carry” to a solid, tight-to-the-body shooting position in a blink, or anywhere in-between. This makes the sling ideal for quickly anchoring the rifle for a secure and accuracy-enhancing shooting position. By lifting the strap’s upper “rucksack-style” buckle, the sling length can just as quickly be adjusted for a longer length, depend- ing on the operator’s tactical requirements. Another advantage is that the adjustment strap does not hang loose like other models, but is an integrated unit.


An additional feature not common to most slings is the lower Fastex buckle assembly. This item permits the sling to quickly separate, or allow the rifle to be “cut away” from the operator, if needed. Surprisingly, in spite of its advanced design and superior material construction, the BHI Quick-Adjust Sling is priced at nearly half the cost of comparable slings currently on the market, making it an ideal equipment upgrade for individual soldiers or law enforcement officers, as well as agencies on a tight budget.

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BH-000-009-BK (w/o QD swivels) $23.75. BH-000-009-BKS (w/QD swivels) $50.00 The need to quickly adjust…