For cowboy mounted shooting, the Bianchi line has also introduced a series of holsters and belts designed for the rigorous demands of mounted shooting competition. The new Signature Series line is designed by Kenda Lenseigne, the first female Overall World Champion and National Champion and a holder of six world records. A member of the Bianchi Cowboy Shooting Team, Kenda incorporated proven mounted-shooting holster designs into the new Bianchi rigs, which feature a two-piece belt with roller buckles that can be adjusted from either side. This eliminates the problem of a belt buckle in front, which can interfere with dual crossdraw holsters.


The new gun belt has a half-inch cut up over the hips to minimize contact and a wide back-support that’s ideal for riding. The dual crossdraw holsters place one at a 10-degree cant and the second at 20 degrees. The holsters have corrosion-resistant steel liners covered with a suede lining and a hidden tension-adjustment screw.


There are four versions: the Getaway in plain black or tan, the Smokechaser with full-grain, floral-embossed cowhide and a snake-skin-pattern insert (like the rig Kenda wears), the Path Blazer with a basket-weave insert, and the Cattle Driver with a cow-hair insert. Belt and holsters are sold separately at prices ranging from $110 to $125 for the belts and $120 to $168 for holsters. For more on Safariland, visit or call 800-347-1200. For more on cowboy mounted shooting rigs, visit or or call 800-347-1200.



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For cowboy mounted shooting, the Bianchi line has also introduced a series of holsters…