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I recently attended the annual “Big Three East” event, first started years ago by U.S. Army veteran, Silver Star recipient and author of the notable book about the Iraq war Carnivore, Dillard “Crazy Jay” Johnson, which features tactical guns, gear and training.

Held in Florida, the Big Three East is a three-day industry event where writers and companies are handpicked to attend. Each company first makes a presentation on its products followed by practical demonstrations, both day and night, on a closed range that includes shooting positions with targets out to 900 yards. The venue offers a unique opportunity to perform onsite testing, interviews and in-use photography on selected products. However, that is not all, as the Big Three East always includes honoring veterans and their service. This year, U.S. Army Sergeant Todd Cardone was honored. Among other incredible actions, he saved Johnson’s life by pulling him out of an ambush where Johnson, wounded and helpless, would have died along a road in Iraq.

Some of the companies and products featured this year at the 2014 Big Three East event included IWI US and its 5.56mm Tavor SAR, Wolf Ammunition, Teal Blue Bravo (AR parts), RS (AK rails), Krebs Custom AKs, Savvy sniper slings, Geissele triggers, Action Targets, SCCY 9mm concealable pistols, ATS Elite (formerly Woolrich Elite), DoubleTap two-shot derringers, MGI, Definitive Arms and Huntertown Arms suppressors.

This year, to demonstrate the accuracy and power of the weapons shown at the Big Three East event, all the vendors, writers and operators lined up for a “mad minute,” targeting a Tannerite-loaded Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV with Tavor SARs, Krebs AKs, VEPR shotguns, M14s and galore. When Crazy Jay Johnson called to commence fire, each shooter dumped several magazines into the Jeep sacrificed for this shooting demonstration. The result? A well-perforated SUV and a reminder that any car is poor cover (except for behind the engine block). Only Hollywood actors use car doors for protection—they are worthless in gun battles in the real world.


Big Three East 2014 – ‘Mad Minute’ Explosive Vehicular Combat Demonstration – Firing Line


Big Three East 2014 – ‘Mad Minute’ Explosive Vehicular Combat Demonstration – SUV

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