Black Guns 2015 TOC

4          BLACK IS THE NEW BLACK by Michael O. Humphries

            Top rifles and options available to enthusiasts and new buyers today.

8          BRAVO COMPANY COMMANDERS by John M. Buol Jr.

            BCM’s 5.56mm carbines bring custom touches to battle-hardened designs.

14        DANIEL DEFENSE SENTRIES by Rob Garrett

            Smooth-shooting AR designs built to handle 5.56mm and 300 Blackout firepower!

24        PRIMED FOR PERFECTION by Jorge Amselle

            Tips for building a customized lightweight, combat-ready AR.

28        RAINING PRECISION by Richard Mann

            Black Rain Ordnance delivers top-quality 7.62mm and 5.56mm rifles and accessories.

32        ADAMS ARMS ARSENAL by Jorge Amselle

            Cutting-edge 5.56mm rifles and carbines built for precision and reliability!

36        SCARS & FN15 by Andy Massimilian

            FNH USA’s battle-bred designs offer portability and serious defensive firepower!

44        CLEANING YOUR AR by David Bahde

            Step-by-step cleaning tips to ensure your rifle’s optimal performance.

48        RUGER’S GAS PISTONS by Todd Burgreen

            The SR-556 and SR-762 deliver hard-hitting firepower with proven reliability.

52        RANGE-READY GEAR by Jason Hanson

            Checklist to make sure you’re prepared for every trip to the range!

56        WILSON COMBAT WARRIORS by Robert A. Sadowski

            Versatile, hard-hitting AR designs built for portability and long-range accuracy.

64        STAG ARMS EXCELLENCE by Robert A. Sadowski

            Gas and piston AR designs delivering 5.56mm and 6.8 SPC firepower!

68        ARMALITE DEFENDERS by John M. Buol Jr.

            Legendary AR designer unleashes refined designs with stopping power!

72        BERETTA ARX100 by Dr. Martin D. Topper

            Mil-spec innovation for serious state-of-the-art 5.56mm personal defense.

74        SIG SAUER SUPERIORITY by David Bahde

            Rugged AR rifle designs on the cutting edge of tactical weaponry!


            Ultra-light tactical AR ready to deliver 30+1 rounds of .223 on target.

88        DEL-TON SENTINELS by D.K. Pridgen

            American-made 5.56mm AR designs built to deliver results with every shot.

92        HOME GUARDIAN by Mike Detty

            Want to build a light, fast-handling AR to protect your home? Read on.

102      COLT CAPABILITY by Robert A. Sadowski

            Reliable mil-spec designs built for self-defense, competition and the hunting trail!

106      MASTERPIECE ARMS MPAR556 by Doug Larson

            AR-style defender primed to deliver 30+1 rounds of hard-hitting 5.56mm.

110      SMITH & WESSON MILITARY & POLICE by David Bahde

            Rugged mil-spec rifle designs built for competition and personal defense.

120      DPMS DEFENSE by Todd Burgreen

            Line-up of 5.56mm and 7.62mm for defense, LE/military and competition use.


            Precision 5.56mm built for maximized performance!

132      ROCK RIVER ARMS REGULATORS by Kevin R. Davis

            ARs ready to deliver big-bore firepower in any environment!

134      PUMP AR by John Fasano

            Make your rifle pump action with the Universal Manual Operating System kit!

138      DOUBLESTAR DOMINATORS by Michael O. Humphries

            Capable ARs that deliver top-tier performance and unstoppable downrange power.

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