Known as much for their apocalyptic imagery as their bulletproof performance, Black Rain Ordnance’s AR-15-style rifles have developed a passionate following among competitors in 3-Gun, a very demanding shooting sport that takes a toll on its participants as well as their equipment. Misses and jams cut into scores, so it goes without saying that 3-Gun rifles have to be both accurate and reliable—
absolute necessities for patrol officers as well.

Founded in January 2009 by a team of businessmen with a passion for guns and a background in retail management, Black Rain Ordnance is relatively new to the scene, but it has come a long way in a short period of time. They’re certainly ambitious—their long-term goal was to build the best ARs in the world—but recognizing that was going to be a long and difficult road, they started out small by building precision billet upper and lower receivers for AR-15s, dubbed “Fallout 15s,” and then transitioned to building complete Fallout 15 rifles. Black Rain plans to eventually manufacture all of its rifle parts on site, but in the meantime it makes every effort to ensure that parts sourced from outside suppliers are of the best possible quality and made in the U.S.

Last year, Black Rain turned its attention toward developing a 7.62mm NATO stablemate for its popular and proven 5.56mm Fallout 15 series of rifles. Known as the Fallout 10 series, these rifles are extremely accurate and well made.

Gun Details

Among the Fallout 10’s in-house components are its flattop upper and lower receivers, which are machined from billets of aircraft-grade 7075-T6 aluminum. They are paired up at the beginning and kept together throughout the build. A Picatinny rail runs across the full length of the flattop upper receiver, and the sides have a beveled rather than rounded contour. There’s a shell deflector behind the ejection port but no forward-assist plunger.

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