The BRC has plenty of enhancements to stand out in a crowd. Shown equipped with a Trijicon ACOG topped off with a TRD reflex sight.

Black Rifle Company is a relatively new player in the increasingly crowded AR market, but if the rifle that they sent me for evaluation is indicative of the quality of their work, you’ll be hearing much more of this small manufacturer.
While rack-grade AR-15s are becoming commonplace as patrol rifles, some agencies might want to consider a company that produces rifles beyond “mil-spec.” This designation might be great for large batches of weaponry, but Black Rifle Company is a company devoted to semi-custom builds that exceed all expectations. Their AR-platform rifle, the BRC, is a duty weapon that can withstand the harsh abuse most law enforcement officers will dole out, and it does so in a reliable package that can perform up to the standards of a sport shooting competitor.

Black Rifle Company equips the BRC’s billet lower with an integral oversized triggerguard that allows for glove use.

In fact, Erik Skaalheim, one of Black Rifle’s founders, is a former Marine who wanted to get back into competition shooting. Between 3-Gun and CMP High Power rifle competition, Skaalheim determined that there was a need for quality parts that would stand up to a lot of hard use. Formed in 2009, in Clackamas, Oregon, Black Rifle started by machining billet receivers and custom rifles and has now expanded into making their own free-floating handguards, low-profile gas blocks and complete production rifles.

The sturdy Magpul UBR stock helps absorb recoil and features a storage area for optics batteries and other essentials.

Mike Brown, an old friend who owned a machine shop in California, started making prototypes for Skaalheim and before long the two self-funded the Black Rifle Company business venture. Skaalheim said, “Brown shipped a HAAS VF-2 CNC machine up here to Clackamas to make receivers and then we eventually moved all manufacturing to the Oregon shop.”

For smoother bolt travel, Black Rifle Company uses custom stainless steel bolt carriers that are polished to reduce friction.

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The BRC has plenty of enhancements to stand out in a crowd. Shown equipped…