In Fall ’07 BlackHawk introduced their Integrated Tourniquet System (ITS) Pants. Now, the ITS outer layer of clothing is complete with the addition of the ITS Shirt, which offers four integrated tourniquets. Developed by former military surgeon, Dr. Keith Rose, and BlackHawk’s R&D division, the life-saving ITS Shirt can be worn by urban operators and soldiers in the field.

Sixty percent of battlefield injuries are to the extremities and ten percent of those injuries will prove fatal. With only minutes to stop the rapid loss of blood to an extremity, the lifesaving integral tourniquets allow for an individual or team member to immediately access and operate the tourniquets. Blackhawk’s I.T.S. pants and shirt meet the eight United States Army Institute of Surgical Research (USAISR) requirements for weight, size, easy-of-use, cost, and application.

The tourniquets are always present and can be applied with a single-handed operation. The tourniquets can be immediately activated with a quick flip-pull-twist motion and lock down safely and securely. In the new I.T.S. shirt, the four tourniquets are located on the upper and lower arms of both sleeves, offering primary protection for the brachial artery and distal placement at the wrist. The lower tourniquet can be adjusted to the wound site. The shirt also features a zippered waistband pocket, elastic cord loop and concealed collar button.

Available for purchase in mid-2008, the ITS Shirt has an MSRP of $79.99 and comes in black or khaki.

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