Norkfolk, VA- BLACKHAWK! has introduced the ultimate carry combination for the popular Taurus Judge. Forget old-fashioned thumb breaks, cumbersome straps and snaps that slow draw speed and complicate re-holstering.

The SERPA provides users with several carry configurations. The holster comes with both a belt loop and paddle platform. Both platforms are angle adjustable allowing for five different positions ranging from extreme butt forward to extreme muzzle forward. Optional accessories allow users to carry the Taurus Judge in many configurations. The S.T.R.I.K.E. attachment allows the Judge to be attached to various BLACKHAWK! hunting and outdoor packs. The holster can also be attached to a drop leg platform. Also available for comfortable concealment is a shoulder harness.

The new SERPA holster is molded from a durable resilient blend of carbon fiber and impact-modified nylon for low maintenance and high performance in all environments. All SERPA holsters are one-piece, injection molded construction that provides better consistency and proven performance.

BLACKHAWK!’s patented SERPA Technology™ lock engages the handgun’s trigger guard. The active retention mechanism locks the handgun into place when holstered and the release is made using a normal drawing motion, with the trigger finger putting slight pressure on the holster body. The speed cut in the front of the holster allows for more rapid presentation and ease of re-holstering.

The new BLACKHAWK! SERPA holster for the Taurus Judge is available now, MSRP is $48.99. Visit for more information on this and other BlackHawk products. (Product will look different than pictured above)

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