BlackHawk’s newest developments include three new soft armor options: A Level III Special Threat, Level IIIA and a Level II Special Threat, which provides a light weight package for the high speed, low drag special operations environment. Common elements to these ballistic panels include 20% greater area coverage, a sonically welded water resistant ballistic wrapper and a five year limited warranty.

32bv01_0big.gifThe soft armor packages are combined with a choice of CutAway or Traditional Tactical Carriers in black, coyote, olive drab and ARPAT. The CutAway carrier allows the user to easily disengage and strip gear in under two seconds facilitating either immediate first aid, escape and evade maneuvers or elimination of gear when transitioning from land based to maritime operations. The CutAway carrier is available with 3D mesh lining providing maximum air flow for operator comfort or, without the 3D mesh for a more compact shell.

A traditional non-CutAway tactical carrier is also available. To support mission specific set-up, each carrier offers 360° of mounting surface for attachment of a wide array of accessories. Integrated Length and Girth adjustments provide a custom fit and can easily accommodate layered clothing. External front and back pockets accept BLACKHAWK! Level IV Hard Armor in 6” x 8”, 9.5” x 12.5”, and 10.5” x 13.25” sizes. A full line of ballistic 3A accessories are also available including collar, throat, yoke, groin, drop leg, and bicep protection making this offering the most comprehensive package available on the market today. All components made in the USA.

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