The Blackheart BHI-15(S) offers tactical users a sleek and handy AR carbine that combines light weight and lively handling with extreme performance. Shown equipped with an EOTech HWS sight.

Although they may not necessarily be the biggest name in black rifles, Blackheart International (BHI) has a lot going on. The Philippi, West Virginia-based company has several divisions, including a large training operation. Their commercial side incorporates all manner of gear and accessories for firearms, a library of books and manuals, emergency medical equipment and, of course, rifles.

The Blackheart International BHI-15(S) is a streamlined semi-automatic rifle and most will immediately appreciate the sleek almost javelin-like appearance of it. The 16-inch barrel is chrome-lined and has 1-in-9-inch twist rifling. This barrel is a departure from most modern carbines as it does not have the M203 contour. Out front at the muzzle BHI includes a SureFire flash hider/suppressor adapter. The chamber is a genuine 5.56x45mm and will naturally accept .223 as well.

A sling attachment point is located forward of the upper receiver. The sample rifle came equipped with a Blackheart sling.

Surrounding the barrel is one of the most distinctive features of the rifle, BHI’s aluminum Handguard System. This one-piece aluminum tube has cooling vents/slots fore and aft and an aggressive grip texture machined onto it. The handguard is not a “rail system” per se, but it is built to accept add-on Mil-Std-1913 rails and sling adapters. BHI offers the handguards as separate parts. These are available in carbine, mid-length and rifle size.

blackheart-bhi-15s-556mm-cThe barrel of the BHI-15(S) does not feature an M203 contour. Note the mid-length gas system shrouded by the handguard.

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