A fully loaded AR-15 forend may have a visual “cool” factor, but in the real world of tactical rifle deployment, overweight and overburdened hand guard and rail systems can create serious problems. Excessive rails and attachments aren’t required for every operation. They add unneeded weight, minimize grip control and comfort, and add unnecessary surface area that can hang up on your gear when exiting a vehicle, clearing a room or deploying your backup weapon.




Blackheart International’s new free-float BHI-15 Hand Guard System offers a better solution-use only the accessory rails you need, when you need them. But that’s not all. The improved BHI-15 Hand Guard System delivers additional features which make it simply the best AR-15 hand guard on the market today.

Slim Profile – At a mere 1-7/8 inches in diameter, the BHI-15 Hand Guard is one of the sleekest units available anywhere. This narrow profile contributes greatly to rifle ergonomics and muzzle control.

Light Weight – Less is always more in the weight department. With weights ranging from 9.16 ounces for the carbine model to 14 ounces for the rifle-length unit, the billet aluminum BHI-15 Hand Guard keeps the weight down when accessories are needed.

Free-Float Design For Enhanced Accuracy & Cooling – Because the BHI-15 Hand Guard mounts directly onto the barrel nut, this allows the entire barrel to free-float for maximum accuracy and heat dissipation. Other models which directly attach to the barrel can induce barrel torque when using a sling or bipod, negatively influencing downrange accuracy and increasing heat sink into the hand guard. The BHI-15 Hand Guard eliminates both of these problems.

Improved GatorGrip Texture – The BHI-15 Hand Guard features an aggressive GatorGrip checkering design along the grip portion of the tube which is both comfortable and provides the most secure, sticks-like-glue grip you’ll find anywhere. Whether you shoot with gloves or barehanded, you’re guaranteed a painless, positive grip for maximum muzzle control.

Co-Witnessed Top Rail – We’ve lowered the profile of our full-length top Picatinny rail so that it is now co-witnessed (level) with the standard A3 upper receiver Picatinny rail. Backup sights can now be adjusted with no possibility of run-out on the front post or rear peep.

Dual QD Sling Mount Positions – All BHI-15 Hand Guards are now offered with fore and aft quick-detach sling swivel mounting holes. Not only does this eliminate the need for a rail-and-swivel assembly to attach a sling, it allows the operator to adjust the sling position to meet changing equipment needs.

Mix-And-Match Rail System – Several Picatinny rails are available for the BHI-15 Hand Guard: 1.5-, 2-, and 4-inch accessory rails, and 8.625-, 10.5- and  and 14-inch top rails (dependent on the hand guard model used). This allows the operator to select the exact rail size needed to accommodate lights, vertical grips and other accessories. After all, what’s the point of full-length rails when you never use their full length? Furthermore, by using only the rails required you eliminate the need for protective rail covers.

Intelligent Rail Slot Positioning – Rail mounting slots are located at 45°, 90°, 135° and 180° positions to give the operator control over the exact placement of required accessories. When not in use, the rail slots facilitate airflow into the tube for enhanced barrel cooling.

Ambidextrous Accessory & Sling Mounting Options – All rail slots and QD mounting holes are symmetrical to each side of the hand guard tube, allowing for ambidextrous mounting of the sling and accessories to accommodate right- or left-hand operators.

Carbine, Mid-Length & Rifle-Length Models – For the first time the BHI-15 Hand Guard System is available in carbine-length (8.625-inch), mid-length (10.5-inch) and rifle-length (14-inch) configurations.

Easy Installation – The BHI-15 Hand Guard System is a universal fit on most 5.56mm NATO contoured barrels featuring a low-profile gas block. Simply remove the standard Delta ring and spring assembly from your conventional AR-style rifle and install the BHI-15 Hand Guard using the supplied two-piece clamp assembly. That’s it!

Delivering tactical gear which will stand up to real-world combat deployment is our primary mission at Blackheart International. The BHI-15 Hand Guard System meets that objective with the highest quality materials and intelligent engineering.

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