Every law enforcement officer, home defender and shooting enthusiast should have a medical kit with them at home, in the field, in the vehicle or at the gun range. Unfortunately, most commercially available First-Aid kits are insufficient for managing gun- shot trauma.

Blackheart International specializes in medical kits designed specifically for military and law-enforcement applications. All of their kits are developed by an 18D Special Forces combat medic to ensure the best possible kit configuration for each emergency scenario. These include the popular BHI Blowout Bags.

The BHI Blowout Bags are ideal for home, vehicle or field use, and are specifically designed to treat gunshot trauma. Several Blowout Bags are available depending on individual needs and weight requirements, but all feature the key supplies needed to keep the gunshot patient alive until medical help arrives:

Combat Application Tourniquet – This tourniquet can be applied with one hand by the patient to an ex- tremity (limb) to prevent catastrophic blood loss.

Israeli Battle Dressing – An all-in-one bandage, this item can be applied by the patient, and serves as a primary dressing, pressure applicator and secondary dressing, and has an ingenious closure bar to keep the bandage secure and in place to stop blood loss in traumatic hemorrhagic wounds.

Nasopharyngeal Airway – This latex trumpet-style device is inserted through the nasal passageway to maintain open airway in conscious or unconscious patients.

Asherman Chest Seal – The ACS is standard issue for the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy for treating an open pneumothorax in chest injuries. The one-way valve allows air and blood to escape while preventing both from re-entering the chest (sucking chest wound).

All kits come in a durable pouch, and include such basic supplies as latex gloves, gauze bandages, triangle bandage and more (depending on the specific kit).
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Every law enforcement officer, home defender and shooting enthusiast should have a medical kit…