Blade-Tech Industries is proud to announce the release of its new Tactical Modular Mounting System. This new mounting system is comprised of one male and two female locking attachments that allow for increased mobility of the user’s gear across several different tactical platforms.

The first product offering to have this versatile mounting system affixed to it is Blade-Tech’s popular Tactical Thigh Rig with WRS (Weapon Retention System) level 2 retention holster. The Tactical Modular Mount has a male attachment that connects directly to the existing mounting holes on the WRS holster. One of the two female locking mechanisms will be fastened to the corresponding Tactical Thigh rig leg plate. The wears has the option of attaching the other female locking mechanism to either a Blade-Tech Tek-Lok (belt) or to a pair of their sturdy Molle Loks (chest).


The male attachment is designed to be firmly locked and unlocked from the female mechanisms. A built in secondary lock can be employed to further achieve a more positive, secure fit. This configuration allows the user to quickly and conveniently move the holster from their thigh to chest or belt and back.


Blade-Tech is looking to expand its selection of gear that will have the option of using the new Tactical Modular Mounting System. Blade-Tech is also working on plans to sell the Tactical Modular Mounting System as a standalone product. This would allow customers to purchase the system and use it to help customize their existing Blade-Tech equipment to more readily fit their ever changing needs. $149.95.

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