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Dwight Van Brunt was certainly born a hunter, and this, his first book, recounts his adventures hunting big game across North America and Africa. Van Brunt leads you down the trail after brown bear, sheep, elk and moose. Come along as he hunts elephant, Cape buffalo, leopard and plains game. Join his family on safari, and share hunts for trophies that stood at the very top of handgun world records.

Make no mistake – there is no “how to” in this book. Van Brunt bares his soul, weaving deep thoughts and emotions into every tale. His way of recalling a hunt is more than a chronicle, but one of honesty, humor and raw feeling. His words have more in common with classic hunting books written several generations ago than with the abbreviated efforts of today. His love for fine firearms, wild country and grand trophies shines through on every page, as does his disdain for compromise.

Writing of Kodiak Island bears, Van Brunt is at his best. “Eventually, from nowhere, a rock or a spot in a leafless alder thicket or a battered, beached log becomes a bear. Not just a bear, but the biggest thing you’ve ever seen. If the bear is moving away, and most of them are for there are no fences or tall-enough mountains or deep-enough snows or any sort of rule that keeps a bear where you want him to stay or makes him go where you want him to go because only their maddening and illogical wanderlust directs them, you just have to forget him and wait for the next one. There are everywhere and nowhere at the same time.”

Dwight Van Brunt has penned articles for Sporting Classics, Safari, Petersen’s Hunting, American Hunter, Game Journal and Bugle magazines. He lives with wife Kellie and golden retriever Mr. Jed in Montana, all the while pining for Africa. Both Kellie and Jed are too good for him.

Born a Hunter by Dwight Van Brunt, 288 pages, illust. by Jocelyn Russell. Published by Sporting Classics, 2009.

Trade editions are available from Sporting Classics at (800) 849-1004 or Inscribed Deluxe editions with leather binding and slip are available from Kimber at (888) 243-4522 or

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A thought for Father's Day... Dwight Van Brunt was certainly born a hunter, and…