Bravo Company Manufacturing (BCM) has worked very hard to earn a reputation for building rifles designed for real-world applications. Professional operators have tested BCM rifles under the harshest conditions. With a reputation for functioning when other designs have long since given up, they have earned the respect of some of the harshest critics. Simple, light, rugged and reliable, they are exactly what many want in a duty or self-defense rifle.

After having tested hundreds of ARs over the years, I can say that BCM’s rifles and carbines are among the few that just never seem to fail, no matter what. If it comes from BCM, it just works—short term or long term, it doesn’t matter, and that is saying quite a bit these days.

All of the RECCE rifles start with forged 7075-T6 receivers. The internals are all mil-spec and feature parts hardened to USGI specifications. All bolts are machined from Carpenter No. 158 steel and are both high-pressure tested and magnetic-particle inspected. The barrel extensions use M4-style feed ramps with chrome-lined bores and USGI 5.56mm NATO chambers. RECCE upper receivers are T-marked and use BCMGUNFIGHTER Mod 4 charging handles.ALG Defense triggers are standard, as are hardened, mil-spec safeties. BCM includes USGI H-series buffers that use M4-style springs. The rifles’ gas keys are staked using Grade 8 hardened bolts. Each is assembled with the greatest care and attention to detail. The company’s latest offering in the RECCE series features an 18-inch barrel.

Tactical Extremes

The new RECCE-18 features a 1-in-8-inch-twist, 410 stainless steel, 18-inch barrel that’s capped with a Mod 0 compensator. My test rifle was equipped with an OPS Inc muzzle brake and a mount designed to accept that company’s 12th Model SPR MBS suppressor. Designed for precision rifles, it is currently fielded on a number of Special Purpose Rifles (SPR). A 13-inch KMR rail covers the barrel and rifle-length gas system. Without the suppressor, the brake provides positive recoil control along with flash suppression.

Every BCM rifle I’ve ever tested has been accurate, and this new version was no exception.

A BCMGUNFIGHTER Stock and a Mod 1 pistol grip are used on the RECCE-18, along with an extended triggerguard. Flip-up sights manufactured by Diamondhead were also used during testing. The rifle itself is coated in a gray Cerakote finish. Given this rifle’s design, a U.S. Optics SR8C 1-8x scope using a Horus H50 reticle was installed. This optic fits perfectly into the SPR role, allowing accuracy at the limits of the 5.56mm cartridge, along with holds for fast target acquisition at range. An Atlas bipod was attached using the supplied KeyMod aluminum rail.

On The Range

Every BCM rifle I’ve ever tested has been accurate, and this new version was no exception. It’s as accurate as an AR is going to get, at least one that works in harsh conditions. Even with a 5.56mm NATO chamber, the RECCE-18 put all test ammo into groups around 1 inch, with most closer to half that. In fact, Barnes’ new VOR-TX 70-grain TSX load shot into a 0.60-inch group. This bullet is preferred by many professionals these days for duty or self-defense, and this rifle shot it well.

When it comes to target bullets, the new Barnes Precision Match 69-grain OTM grouped the best with a 0.52-inch group. What’s more, four of the five of those rounds fell under 0.40 inches. Moving to the heavier bullets, and the new Black Hills 77 Grain TMK, the RECCE-18 performed admirably, putting everything in groups at just over an inch. If accuracy at range is what you are looking for, this rifle will take care of it.

On the long range, the RECCE-18 was stretched out to 500 yards using the H50 reticle in the U.S. Optics scope and the 77-grain TMK ammo. After confirming zero at 100 meters, steel was engaged at 200 to 500 meters. Given correct wind estimation, the rifle was dead on and hits on 10-inch steel were almost easy. Moving around the bench, barricade and truck on the course, I found this rifle to be pretty handy.

This was my first opportunity to use the BCMGUNFIGHTER Stock, and it is very well designed. Lying in prone, your support hand does not accidentally activate the stock, which is a really nice touch. The same was true for shooting on the bench or table. Rail space is plentiful on this rifle for lasers, lights and night-vision devices. If those are not available, the rifle remains light and very well balanced. Deploying it as an SPR, I found the rifle to be excellent in this role, and the U.S. Optics scope was about perfect.

At closer ranges, the RECCE-18 is fast on target and smooth when transitioning to the next target. Remove the bipod and it works well in close quarters. Turning the U.S. Optics down to 1x, the H50 reticle turns into a circle. Turn on the LED and it operates just like a red dot.

As expected, reliability was flawless, with no failures to extract, eject or feed experienced during testing. Accuracy was excellent with target and duty rounds, keeping it real-world capable. Take this rifle out of the box, add optics and your preferred accessories and it is ready to go on day one—that’s about all you can ask for from an AR.

Built To Last

BCM also offers the RECCE in 14.5- and 16-inch-barreled versions. Both models use the standard RECCE features, including hardened parts that have undergone full MPI and HPT testing. BCM-GUNFIGHTER stocks and pistol grips are also used.

The RECCE-14 uses a standard profile, 14.5-inch barrel with a mid-length gas system. Permanently attaching the BCMGUNFIGHTER Mod 1 Compensator brings the rifle to a BATFE-compliant 16.1 inches. It can be configured using a Centurion C4 or a 12-inch KMR rail. Available coated in Flat Dark Earth or Foliage Green, it is the most compact of the RECCE series.

Moving to the RECCE-16, the standard, government-profiled barrel is stretched out to 16 inches and the Mod 0 Compensator is threaded using 1/2×28 TPI. The compensator is removable for use with suppressors or other muzzle devices. Coated in Dark Bronze Cerakote, this rifle is ready for anything you can throw at it.

Combat Carbines

The BCM Haley Strategic Jack Carbine was designed in collaboration with Travis Haley, the owner of Haley Strategic, and it represents the cutting edge of combat-ready carbines. BCM’s proven 14.5-inch, 11595E barrel uses a permanently attached BCM Mod 1 Compensator. Geissele’s SMR MK1 free-floated rail provides rail space and a solid handhold. The BCMGUNFIGHTER Pistol Grip and Charging Handle are also featured on the design. B5 Systems’ SOPMOD Bravo stocks help connect you with the rifle, and BCM’s folding front and rear sights are built by Troy Industries to help keep you on target. The Thorntail Mount from Impact Weapons Components holds an Inforce WML-HSP tactical light. Using an ALG trigger, the rifle is coated in a Disruptive Grey Cerakote finish. Tested under severe conditions, the Jack Carbine has proven itself as a hard-working carbine that’s perfect for duty, self-defense or combat operations.

BCM continues to build some of the best rifles, upper assemblies and accessories on the market. In fact, many factory and custom rifles use the company’s rails, grips, stocks, sights and accessories. Professionals around the world choose BCM’s uppers and rifles consistently when reliability under any condition is imperative. Given the company’s no-nonsense, professional attitude, work ethic and attention to detail, a BCM rifle just may be the last one you ever need or want.

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