Briefing Room Blackout Fasano
Gone but never will be forgotten! John Fasano was in California with Pride Fowler Industries' John Pride putting the new USD-PFI-762C optic through the paces.

Without questions, 300 Blackout rifles are a major presence in this jam-packed issue of TACTICAL WEAPONS magazine. From the exclusive test where we traveled to Gemtech’s Boise, Idaho, facility to shoot NEMO Arms’ decked-out Battle Light 1.0 MS, right on through to the full roundup — “The Blackout Album” — of complete rifles, uppers and hard-hitting new 300 BLK ammunition, one could say that the Blackout is here to stay!

But there’s much more than just the 300 Blackout slant in this issue, including custom-oriented firepower. Leading this portion of the pack is Charlie Sisk and his “numerous patents pending,” fully customizable Sisk Tactical Adaptive Rifle, or STAR. The takedown-style STAR is built with the tactical, long-range operator who works in all manner of terrains and situations—urban LE settings, jungle or mountain warfare—in mind. At the heart of the STAR is a modular wrist-locking mechanism that allows the stock to rotate radially along a fixed axis. Read on to learn more about the rifle and the other shooter-friendly goodies Sisk has on the menu!

The “Legacy Firearms” roundup, headlined by Sig Sauer’s new commemorative program, is another piece to sink your custom-loving teeth into in this issue. All the varsity players like Glock, Colt, Kimber and more are covered, but it’s the Akai Custom Dakota Meyer Special Edition 1911 that’s bound to make any proud American grin from ear to ear.

Speaking of grinning, how do you think you’d react if you ever had the chance to fire the most famous .50-caliber machine gun the world has ever seen? That’s what we thought. And that’s why we’ve taken the time to showcase five top places where you can shoot the Ma Deuce.

Are you looking to sharpen your shooting skills for duty, competition or sporting purposes? Of course you are! That’s why we called on U.S. Marine Scout Sniper Caylen Wojcik of Magpul Dynamics. Author Len Waldron ran a Primary Weapons Systems MK216 through Magpul Dynamics’ three-day Designated Marksman Rifle/SPR course. The piston-driven rifle and the class were nothing short of excellent.

Back to hardware that’s ready for duty, competition and more: Under the “warhorses reborn” category, be sure to check out Tactical Rifles’ M40 T6. Author Jay Langston got behind the rifle and easily cranked out sub-0.5-MOA groups. We also wring out the Ashbury Precision Ordnance “Hybrid” M1A and Christensen Arms’ latest lightweight, carbon-fiber-upgraded AR-platform rifles—the Recon in 5.56mm NATO and the 7.62mm DMR.

Spotlights on operators include a behind-the-scenes look at one of America’s only SEAL-trained units, Maryland’s Calvert County SWAT, the U.S. Marshals Service and its new Springfield Armory TRP Compact 1911s, the elite BORTAC units defending our borders and the special Hostage Working Group (HWG) who took down Kidnapping, Incorporated in Iraq.

As a final note before you dive into this issue, it is with great sadness to inform TW readers that we recently lost one of the great guys in the shooting/media community. As you’ll see at the end of the exclusive test and evaluation of SOCOM’s latest riflescope on page 84, good friend and long-time Harris Publications contributor John Fasano passed away in late July. John’s words on the page and “thoughts in the margin” will be missed dearly by our editorial team. But more than that, his forever-jovial, say-it-like-is attitude and friendship will be treasured forever. Keep on shooting straight, John!—The Editors

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