The overall scope of this issue is packed with the latest hardware and tactics for today’s operator—military, law enforcement and civilian alike. And it’s said that home defense starts with “lock and load”—lock your doors and load your guns. Homeland Defense starts at the border, just as home defense starts at your front door. Read our against-the-odds, inside story of the dedicated cadre of U.S. Customs & Border Protection sentinels risking their lives at Camp Grip, Arizona, to stem the tide of narco- and political terrorists that are swept in with the flood of illegal immigrants seeking opportunity. See what these CBP agents deal with on a daily basis despite governmental inertia and what has been characterized as treasonous ineptitude.
This issue of TW brings you news in big bores, with the German G82 in .50 BMG. HK is the contract .50-caliber supplier to German forces, and they’ve chosen the proven winner now in service in some 40 nations—the legendary Barrett M82A1. We bring you the inside story of how Barrett supplies essential assemblies to HK, who then tricks out the M82A1 to German standards.

A powerhouse sniper rifle set to make more than sound waves is ArmaLite’s AR-30A1, a .300 Winchester Magnum blockbuster that is redefining tactical doctrine. The proven and eminently adaptable ArmaLite AR platform continues to be borrowed by designers who push the envelope of precision rifle performance, and one such offering of exceptional quality is JP Enterprises’ LRP-07M. Come along as we test-fire this sub-MOA .308 tack-driver to show you what’s unique and good. The basic AR platform also continues to blossom in 5.56mm NATO, and we wring out the new multi-mission Jack carbine that’s gracing this issue’s cover. It’s good to go. We show you why, and how well it performs.

Another interesting development is the IWI Tavor SAR 5.56mm bullpup, the civilian-ready version of the Israeli TAR-21. In three compact and ergonomic envelopes, the SAR combines a bundle of battle-ready features for home defense or LE professionals, for either right-or left-handed operators. What doesn’t come standard with this battle-proven rifle is readily adaptable, via one of the best assortments of rails in the business.
While a rifle is the definitive fight-stopper, a handgun is the most-carried, first-line-of-defense LE tool. Several decades ago, the FBI learned the hard way that the venerable .38 Special could not be counted on in a firefight. After extensive tests, the Bureau adopted the 10mm S&W 1076 pistol and HK MP5/10 SMG. Weapons guru Leroy Thompson reviews the now-retired pistol and shows they were a good first step. And don’t miss his review of the time-honored “Grease Gun” of WWII and Korea.
The third weapon bolstering the thin blue line is apt to be a 12-gauge shotgun, and one of the best is the Benelli M2 Tactical, an autoloader that is a fast-handling, fast-firing and reliable partner for close-in work that offers the advantage of chambering diverse ammunition. We show you why it’s a favorite autoloader among those who work the mean streets.

And don’t miss this issue’s detailed stories on the Navy’s Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen, a ride with Brazil’s Men in Black, new FLIR hybrid weapons sights, new Bureau training and technology to avoid the “fatal funnel” in CQB situations, and new medical packs and procedures that let New York City’s Mobile Trauma Unit bring fast emergency medical care to those who need it most. We also bring you stories of the heroes at the Boston Marathon bombing and the Rogue Corps of wounded heroes retraining at Gunsite. Plus candor, insight and analysis from the Gunny.

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The overall scope of this issue is packed with the latest hardware and tactics…