Bushmaster C-22 Carbine, C-22 Carbine
Photo by Panteao Productions
Bushmaster C-22 Carbine

It’s important for law enforcement officers to train with their duty weapons, including their patrol carbines, but thanks to ammo shortages in recent years, it has been harder and more expensive to get in that much-needed training time on 5.56mm NATO AR-platform rifles. Now, for 2015, Bushmaster has an answer—the C-22 Carbine.

The C-22 Carbine is a .22 LR AR-platform rifle that is designed to look, feel and handle like a 5.56mm NATO AR as much as possible. It features a carbon-fiber lower receiver with a standard, six-position-collapsible buttstock and an A2-style pistol grip. This lower can also accept .223 Remington/5.56mm NATO aluminum upper receivers—another boon for reducing training costs! The upper receiver on the C-22 Carbine is also made of carbon-fiber. It features a 16-inch-long barrel that is threaded for adding sound suppressors, brakes and other muzzle devices. The C-22 Carbine ships with an A2-style flash suppressor installed.

For targeting, the rifle comes with an A2-style front post (with a sling swivel), while the upper receiver has a flattop Picatinny rail for mounting whatever optics or sights you desire. Surrounding the barrel and gas system are M4-style handguards with heat shields, which provide an excellent grip and protect the shooter’s hands effectively.

For more information, visit http://www.bushmaster.com or call 800-998-7928.

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