With its large 3.5-inch color LCD screen, Busnhell’s new ONIX 350 GPS receiver provides a big view of the great outdoors. The ability to download high-resolution digital satellite photography and topo maps lets the ONIX 350 bring navigation to life.

Using the same chassis as the award winning ONIX 400, the ONIX 350 offers performance and value with a variety of exclusive features. These include a new Almanac page that lets users view lunar and solar information to help determine the best fishing and hunting days based on sunrise/sunset times and moon phases. The Solunar Edge™ Technology utilizes internal sensors that monitor barometric pressure and temperature to provide significantly more accurate information on animal and fish activity than traditional sun and moon tables.

The internal sensors also provide a 12-24 hour weather forecast feature that gives current temperature and barometric pressure. It can track pressure trends for up to 24 hours and can track pressure history for up to 7 days. A storm warning alert is activated based on a rapid pressure drop of greater than 6 mb.

The ONIX 350 also features a new Elevation page that provides not only the current elevation, but the ability to track your changes in altitude over time or distance as you hike along the trail. Elevation changes are presented graphically so it’s easy to see at a glance how much elevation has been gained or lost.

The exclusive TruView™ Navigation screen layering technology displays satellite and aerial photos of your surroundings and all navigation aids on a single screen so you navigate by what you see – around you and on your GPS. It allows the user to overlay photos and maps on the screen. It eliminates the need to switch back and forth between screens to see important data such as location, altitude, and bearing and compass. For convenient navigation, the compass can be overlaid on top of the photos and topos. It also features the patented SafeTrack™ operating mode for extended battery life. The ONIX 350 can run up to 32 hours* on one charge of its lithium-ion battery. The SafeTrack feature puts the screen to sleep, but will continue to monitor your travels and indicate when you are off-track.

Designed for rugged outdoor use, the ONIX 350 is waterproof (IPX-7 standard) and rubber armored for protection. The extra large LCD screen is daylight viewable so it can be easily read in direct sunlight. Internally there is 512 MB Micro SD card that will hold up to 1,000 waypoints, 50 routes, and hundreds of satellite photo and topo map files. A 20-channel, SiRF

Star III GPS receiver provides quick satellite acquisition and accurate position/location information.

The ONIX 350 comes with a USB cable for connecting to a PC to download maps and photos, a CD with file management software and an AC charger. There are also a variety of accessories available including mounting brackets, a 12V auto power adapter, a heavy duty carry case and extra rechargeable battery packs.  Suggested retail is $399.99.

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With its large 3.5-inch color LCD screen, Busnhell's new ONIX 350 GPS receiver provides…