Finally, a GPS that is simple and easy to use. Bushnell Outdoor Products has stripped away the confusion and complexity of GPS navigational devices with its new BackTrack personal location finder. The new BackTrack simplifies GPS navigation with two buttons, an easy to read screen and the ability to save up to three key locations. Once they are recorded, just push a button to navigate back to where you started so you never get lost again.

The BackTrack combines advanced GPS technology with a digital compass and presents them in a compact design. A simple user interface and two buttons let the user find and save three key locations. It could be your car in a parking lot, a campsite in the woods, a rendezvous point at an amusement park or your hotel in a foreign city. When it is time to return to these locations, just select the location, push a button and the BackTrack will provide distance and direction (yards / miles or meters / kilometers) to your saved location

Just follow the arrow. In the compass mode, it will indicate the direction of travel in compass degrees and a reference to magnetic North.

The BackTrack GPS will provide peace of mind when traveling away from home. It is ideal for both urban and outdoor travel from shopping trips to school field trips to day hikes. With its simple operation, the BackTrack will appeal to kids and adults of all ages.

Key features include: compact design so it fits in a pocket, pack or purse; and lanyard for easy attachment; self calibrating three axis digital compass, backlit screen with location mode icons (Home Base, Car and Favorite Spot); water resistant construction. The unit includes a SiRF Star III GPS receiver for optimal GPS sensitivity. The BackTrack is powered by two AAA batteries and will run for over 100 uses. One use is equal to ten minutes or less. There is an auto shut-off feature after ten minutes.

The BackTrack will come in five different color ways – orange/gray, green, pink, tech gray and camouflage.

MSRP: $69.00

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