Camero USA is adding a handheld device, the Xaver™ 400, to its lineup of through-wall imaging products.

camero-25.gifDesigned specifically to meet the needs of tactical operators and Special Forces, the Xaver™ 400 offers unprecedented situational awareness in a compact form factor. Weighing only six pounds and slightly smaller than a laptop computer, the Xaver™ 400 is easy to operate and carry.

The device is capable of penetrating concrete, reinforced concrete, cinder block, brick, stucco, adobe, drywall and other common wall types, with a range of up to eight meters (26ft). The device presents the operator with an easy to read display indicating the location and number of people behind a wall or barrier. The Xaver™ 400 has wireless transmission capability to ensure a common operational picture for the whole entry team as well as the command post.

With the addition of the Xaver™ 400, Camero now offers products for both the Intelligence, Reconnaissance and Surveillance (ISR) arena and the Tacticalcamero-16.gif Operations/Special Forces arena. Camero’s flagship product, the Xaver™800, has features uniquely suited to ISR applications. Camero builds on a tradition of success, with Xaver™800 sales continuing to grow in military and law enforcement communities around the world. Camero’s success is bolstered by a strong network of partners and resellers in key international and U.S. markets.

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