MyDipKits include all you need for photographic-quality finishes except for the dip tank.

For many people, camouflage is an obsessive thing. Many hunters, air­soft and paintball players spend hours applying complex color sch­emes to make their weapons and equipment blend into their surroundings—normally by using the same pattern they have selected for their uniforms, be it MARPAT, MultiCam or the good old Woodland.

Professional warriors face the issue differently. They have to balance time and effectiveness. Adding to the problem is their large number of weapons and equipment. To make matters worse, some of their equipment is so expensive that painting them is a no-go. Try painting a SIMRAD FOI-2000 forward air controller system. Your commander will chew you out in no time.

Prep work: You must prepare your firearm just as you would for a normal paint job.

It is critical to remove old finishes completely to avoid wrinkling the finish.

Dip It Yourself
There is a new product that can solve these time-versus-effectiveness problems: MyDipKit camo kits. Dip-in camouflage is really called “water transfer imaging” and was developed for the auto industry. Those auto wood-grain-like interiors are made with it.

For a rifle or shotgun, you will need a large container to use as a dipping tank.

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