Carolina Arms Group Trenton 1911 Series

With 2015 winding down, Carolina Arms Group has introduced its all new Trenton 1911 handgun line.

The Trenton 1911 line’s three models — made up of the Tactical, the Stainless, and the Two-Tone — are meticulously crafted for the ultimate in fit and finish and uncompromising performance quality.

The Trenton Tactical 1911 frame and slide are American made from forged carbon steel.

The Trenton Stainless is Carolina Arms Group’s 5-inch Executive model built on American made forged stainless steel.

The Trenton Two-Tone is also constructed from forged stainless steel.

The Tactical frame and slide and the Two-Tone slide are finished with PVD DLC, an attractive black finish that is extremely corrosion and scratch resistant. Trenton 1911’s include the patented Kart Precision barrel, which  is forged from ordnance steel, to national match specs and accuracy tested to 1.25 – 1.5″ MOA.

The Trenton’s extended thumb safety is wider than a standard 1911 thumb safety and gives the owner the option of an ambidextrous extended thumb safety. A match worthy 4-pound adjustable aluminum trigger offers a silky smooth pull with a crisp, audible reset.

Carolina Arms Group’s proprietary VZ grips, featuring the Carolina eagle emblem, provide the optimal grip with high end aesthetics.

All Carolina Arms Group Trentons are hand-filed, stone-lapped, hand-fitted and test-fired for accuracy, feel and function. Carolina Arms Group guarantees 1.5-inch accuracy at 25 yards on all its guns.

All of the Carolina Arms Group Trenton 1911s ship with two eight-round magazines.

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Carolina Arms Group Trenton Specifications:

                                                      Tactical             Stainless           Two-Tone
Caliber:                                           .45 ACP             .45 ACP              .45 ACP
Height 90° to barrel:                       5.50″                 5.50″                  5.50″
Weight w/ empty mag:                  42 oz.                42 oz.                42 oz.
Length:                                               8.7″                   8.7″                    8.7″
Frame:                                         carbon steel       stainless steel    stainless steel
Slide:                                            carbon steel       stainless steel    stainless steel
Twist Rate:                                     1:16 LH              1:16 LH              1:16 LH
Recoil Spring:                                 15 lbs.                15 lbs.                15 lbs.
Trigger:                                            4 lbs.                  4 lbs.                 4 lbs.
MSRP:                                          $3,300.00          $3,400.00           $3,499.00

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