Hitting a target at 4,210 yards requires the right conditions and the right rifle. Long distance shooter Jim Spinella recently connected on a 4,210-yard shot using Hill Country Rifles’ Carry Weight Cheytac.

The rifle is a truly impressive specimen.

After shooting 375 and 408 Cheytac rifles that all weighed close to 20 pounds, Hill Country Rifles wanted to design an extreme long range rifle at a more reasonable weight.

The main challenge was to find a stock that would give us a trimmer design but still hold up to caliber. Nobody makes one. Hill Country’s solution was to take the same A3-5 McMillan stock the company uses on its Long Range Tactical 338 Lapua and modify it to take the larger Cheytac action and the larger magazine. The result is the Carry Weight Cheytac.

Hill Country’s rifle weighs only 12 pounds unscoped, a great weight to carry in your pack. Recoil is still about the same as a 30-06.

The Carry Weight Cheytac is built on a Stiller CT action with Baer floor plate and seven-round detachable magazine. The action is fitted with a 27-inch, No. 6 contour, fluted barrel, with Miller prone-style muzzle brake.

The rifle is fully Accurized, with aluminum pillar and glass bedded action, into our highly customized McMillan A3/5 stock with adjustable comb.

Shooters can pick their own stock and Cerakote color.

The Carry Weight Cheytac retails for $7,995 and is available now.

For more information on the Carry Weight Cheytac and other products from Hill Country Rifles, please visit

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