Two California firearm enthusiasts, Steve Thomas and Shawn Stahl, today announced the launch of Centerfire Cleaning Solutions’ WeaponCLP, a high-performance and eco-friendly gun cleaner, lubricator, and preservative. Made entirely in the United States, Centerfire Cleaning Solutions provides an effective product for hunting and target shooting enthusiasts, while stressing the importance of wildlife preservation and gun safety. WeaponCLP was put through rigorous testing and has continuously impressed local law enforcement, firearm industry representatives, Marine infantrymen, Army snipers, as well as your everyday firearm enthusiast.

The company was founded by environmentally responsible firearm enthusiasts with a simple vision: to encourage responsibility of all firearm enthusiasts in order to preserve gun ownership rights and show others that we respect the environment. With a deep respect for the outdoors and a passion for hunting and shooting, Centerfire Cleaning Solutions developed WeaponCLP.

“As gun owners and enthusiasts, we know first-hand how difficult it is to find a quality eco-friendly cleaning product that actually performs,” said Shawn Stahl, co-founder of Centerfire Cleaning Solutions. “We wanted to create products that inflict as little harm as possible on the environment, while continually out-performing other gun cleaning products on the market. We’ve had incredibly positive feedback from our customers and those in the firearm community.”


WeaponCLP exceeds the requirements for cleaning, lubricating, and preservation of weapons. WeaponCLP aids in the effective removal of residue and other impurities from weapon components while providing lubrication and preservation for consistent weapon operation. A complete gun care system in one bottle, WeaponCLP is eco-friendly, made from natural oils and is biodegradable, meaning it breaks down in the environment into harmless compounds. The product is packaged in an aluminum bottle that is both reusable and recyclable.

WeaponCLP is safe for all firearms and is put through a very strict and detailed chemical process to provide the following properties:

Cleans: The chemical composition of the WeaponCLP formula is a natural solvent, enabling the product to break down and remove carbon and other deposits left behind from firing your weapon. WeaponCLP should be used to clean all parts of your firearm, including polymers, plastics and rubber o-rings.

Lubricates: Our formula is structured around a natural oil base, which inherently has a higher flash point then petroleum based distillates, giving WeaponCLP an extremely high flashpoint. Therefore, the higher the temperature of your firearm the less likely it is to burn of the lubricating properties of WeaponCLP. Extensive testing shows that WeaponCLP will actually lower operating temperatures of most semi-automatic weapons, which creates less maintenance for the gun owner.

Preserves: WeaponCLP continually protects your firearm against build-up that occurs from firing your weapon. As the product settles into the barrel and bore of your firearm, it is actively protecting your firearm against carbon, copper, brass, and lead build-up. WeaponCLP prevents rust and enables you to store your firearm without worry for years on end.

Centerfire Cleaning Solutions also offers Cleaning/Range Mats made from high-quality neoprene that is washable and reusable. Simple yet effective, the cleaning mats are made of 3mm rubber backed neoprene, protecting your firearm from harmful surfaces. These mats allow you to clean, lubricate, and protect your firearm without worry of damaging or contaminating the components of the firearm. The mats absorb spills and protect surfaces underneath the mat, and they are available in two sizes to accommodate pistols or long guns.

The team at Centerfire is very active in the firearm community. All employees are current members of the NRA and CRPA in which they participate in local and national events. They also all share a commitment to country by providing their customers with high-quality products that are cast on American soil, as well as donating products to the Friends of the NRA, local Fish and Game Clubs and USA Shooting.

“Centerfire Cleaning Solutions is truly committed to the environment and education,” said co-founder Steve Thomas. “We are organizing our first range and wildlife clean-up this summer in Southern California, where participants will clean up spent shell casings and trash that has been left by past target shooters and hunters. Additionally, the Centerfire team is creating First Time Gun Owner Workshops where new gun owners can learn how to break down and clean their guns, learn the importance of gun safety and network with other firearm enthusiasts.”

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