Charter Arms Tiffany Revolver lead

A lightweight revolver with necessary stopping power — that’s what Charter Arms was going for when it designed The Tiffany with the female shooter in mind.

Charter based The Tiffany on the popular Undercover Lite, a five-shot .38 Special that delivers impressive stopping power at weights as low as 12 ounces.

According to Nick Ecker, president of Charter Arms, the new revolver is just the latest response to the needs of the female gun owner – currently estimated at 35 percent of American women. Concealed carry for women is growing.

“Some companies think they can just ‘paint it pink’ and sell it to women,” Ecker said. “But not Charter. We’ve been listening to the female shooter for well more than 10 years, and they are every bit as serious as the men when it comes to home defense or personal protection.”

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